Ashley Bocanegra: Details of how a 30 year old woman was attacked, killed after fight over romantic partner

Ashley Bocanegra
Ashley Bocanegra

A love triangle between three people in Georgia allegedly led to the murder of a 30-year-old woman identified as Ashley Bocanegra.

Ashley Bocanegra, went to the hospital on Thursday with severe injuries, Gwinnett County Police said, and died a few hours later.

Earlier in the day, Ashley Bocanegra had gotten into a fight with two other women, the department said.

Bocanegra’s sister, Jessica Roche, said on Friday that her sister couldn’t even breathe once she got to the hospital and had to be flown to another one; unfortunately, Roche claimed she was dead before they could start surgery.

“They fractured her ribs and her liver,” Roche said. “She couldn’t breathe out of her mouth. They had to put the tube in.”

Police said investigators went to an apartment complex near the 2900 block of Buford Dr. around 1 p.m., after receiving a call from the leasing office.

That’s when they found two suspects, 27-year-old Antonetta Stevens, who is from Buford, and 17-year-old Janine Gonzalez, who is from New York. 

Ashley Bocanegra
Ashley Bocanegra

Stevens told investigators that she was in a romantic relationship Gonzalez’s brother and found out he was cheating on her with Bocanegra.

Roche said Bocanegra had a 7-year-old son with the man and he was the one who took her to the hospital.

The woman and teen’s initial story were that Bocanegra showed up looking for Gonzalez’s brother, and that’s when the fight started. However, investigators said Stevens and Gonzalez lured Bocanegra to their apartment to attack her.

“I’m very angry with those girls,” said Brianna Jamison, the victim’s cousin.. “They’re lucky the cops got them. She was beautiful inside out, so I can see why they were jealous. And jealousy is the ugly trait to have.”

The department said Gonzalez’s brother was in the apartment and had “injuries all over his shoulders and back,” but would not tell them where they came from.

Investigators said they believe Gonzalez and Stevens both fought with Bocanegra, which led to her death. Gwinnett County Police added that Gonzalez and Stevens took Bocanegra’s cellphone. The two were arrested and charged with aggravated battery, robbery and felony murder.

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