Earnest Lacour: Oklahoma City Man Accused Of Knowingly Spreading HIV

Earnest Lacour Oklahoma
Earnest Lacour Oklahoma

Earnest Lacour, an Oklahoma City man, has been arrested and charged with knowingly giving at least three woman HIV.

Earnest Lacour is being held at the Oklahoma County Jail and is charged with three felony counts of spreading an infectious disease.

Police say they obtained Lacour’s records that revealed he was diagnosed with HIV in 2019.

One woman who was diagnosed with HIV went to visit a doctor with Lacour.

According to court documents, one of the women who tested positive for HIV went to see a doctor with Lacour. The woman told police she knew Lacour already knew he was HIV positive when she found out he was given HIV medications that day without having his blood tested.

Victim speaks after Earnest Lacour was charged with having sex with women after HIV diagnosis

Authorities state that a woman first took to social media and claimed the accused of knowingly spreading the disease.

As a result, more women came forward with the same claim.

Fox 25 interviewed a victim who did not want to be identified but says she is speaking to warn others.

“It’s a deadly disease, but you can still live your life,” the victim said. “I don’t have AIDS and I still have a life to live.”

The woman says she started having sex with Lacour in 2021.

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She says she got sick and went to the doctor.

“I would just faint and pass out,” she said. “I would get so lightheaded that I would have these episodes and throw up for weeks.”

She says her lab results were life changing.

“It is hard mentally,” she said. “They had to tell me about programs and medicine and treatments.”

Documents say OKC police got involved because evidence shows Lacour knew he was HIV positive during sexual contact.

“I am here to tell my story,” the victim said. “I am strong. I can do this. I have support.”

The woman says there could be others in danger.

“I just want to tell everyone that they need to get tested and to be careful,” she said. “You never know who someone really is.”

If you have had sexual contact with Lacour, you are encouraged to contact police and the local health department.

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