Bronny James Girlfriend: Who is LeBron James Son Dating?

Bronny James Girlfriend
Bronny James Girlfriend

 Bronny James is the son of one of the greatest basketball players of all time, LeBron James. 

Just like his father, Bronny is also a gifted basketball player who has an impressive future ahead of him.

 But off the court, Bronny James, 17, has already made headlines with his dating and love life, and fans speculate who he is dating.

Bronny James maintained a low profile until he began posting more on social media, including his dating life.

The rumor on his dating life heightened after he returned to Instagram in 2020 and liked the photo of an Instagram model.

Here, we take a look at Bronny James’ girlfriends and try to answer who he’s dating.

Bronny James Girlfriend: Bronny James’ suspected girlfriend is named Peyton Sama.

In September 2020, a TikTok video showing him and a girl went viral, stoking rumors about his personal life.

It was evident from the video that they were comfortable with one another, which attracted social media users immediately.

Evidently, the girl featured in the video is Peyton Sama, a member of The Vault House.
The Vault is run by the influencer marketing agency Six Degrees of Influence and features many young people who are considered to be rising social media stars.
Peyton, one of those rising stars, boasts almost 1 million followers on TikTok as well as over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Her content mainly includes dance and lip-sync videos.

The Trolls about dating white girls

Due to Bronny’s social media following, as well as the fact that his father is famous, he has faced online criticism for dating white girls, as many internet trolls have criticized him on Twitter.

According to Black Enterprise, users online had mixed opinions about Bronny’s possible love interests. 

Some wonder how he chose to date a white girl after growing up with his beautiful Black mother, Savannah.

Several others came to his defense, explaining that people date the people in their immediate environment, and he happens to be surrounded by white girls.

While other users criticized the individuals questioning his choice of a romantic partner, one user stated people should be embarrassed if they are upset about a child’s decision to date whoever they want. 

Another said it was not Bronny’s problem if other’s argued about his romantic partners. 

Of course, Bronny is still a young man, and there’s no telling where his love life or career may end up.

Although there will always be trolls waiting to criticize him, he will always have fans rooting for him, no matter where he goes in life. 

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