Ara B Calls Pope Skinny A Rapist ;Dares Him To Come Out And Deny

Ara B Calls Pope Skinny A Rapist

Rapper Rashad Sfarijlani, popularly known as Ara B has called Pope Skinny a rapist who drugs and sleeps with anything in skirt.

The rapper said this in an interview with Accra based Hitz Fm on Wednesday. “He is a rapist. Am saying this for a fact,”

As monitored by, the rapper who seemed very confident about what he was saying dared Pope Skinny to come out and deny  adding that he personally knows a girl who was drugged and raped by Pope Skinny sometime back, confirming the allegation about a Canadian lady  Shatta Wale mentioned when he was exchanging verbal abuses with the Asuoden god. He further stated that there’s another guy, one Nas who can validate his claims. “I have another girl who can testify against Pope Skinny and if he says am lying he can check up on his friend Nas. Nas is the only one who really knows so am sure Nas will be surprised I know.’

Ara B Calls Pope Skinny A Rapist

Narrating the story of how he knew about the alleged rape, he said Pope Skinny took the said lady who he (Ara B)  also has a personal friendly relationship with out for some drinks. According to the lady, she woke up feeling dizzy and in bed with Pope Skinny at a hotel in East Legon. Ara B added that the lady decided not to come out because she felt bad about it and insisted that it’s in her past.

In a response to why he hasn’t come out to say this till now, he explained that be wasn’t a fun of the media headlines and also felt it was someone’s personal life, a task he wasn’t ready to take upon himself. He added that now is a good time because there has been a similar allegation against Pope Skinny and this confirms he rapes ladies.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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