Zac Barnes update: Has Zac Barnes been found? Date set for inquest into missing Hunter teen Zac Barnes

Zac Barnes
Zac Barnes

A date has been scheduled for an inquest concerning the disappearance and presumed death of Zac Barnes, a teenager from Hunter, almost seven years after he went missing.

Zac, an apprentice bricklayer, was last seen wearing blue board shorts, a single tank top and steel cap work boots.

The two men who were in the car with Zac were the last to see him.

They claim they were driving through Thornton, in Newcastle, when he suddenly panicked and jumped out of the car on the corner of Tripp Close and Haussman Drive, before running into bushland nearby.

Despite conducting an extensive search of the area at the time of Zac’s disappearance, he could not be located.

Shortly after Zac Barnes disappearance, new allegations arose suggesting he owed people money or may have made some ‘foolish mistakes’.

But his mother quickly dispelled any possible theories that may have risen out of that allegation.

The case, which has baffled family and friends as well as police is now heading toward a coronial inquest, which Ms Gudelj hopes may overturn some answers.

But Ms Gudelj is determined to find out what happened to her son.

Zac’s family and the police have consistently made public appeals for any information related to his case, but unfortunately, no leads have surfaced.

Has Zac Barnes been found?

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Zac Barnes has still not been found – however, date has been set for inquest into missing Hunter teen Zac Barnes.


The confirmation of the inquest took place last year, and now it has been assigned a specific date: Monday, July 17, spanning three days.

Deputy State Coroner Carmel Forbes will oversee the proceedings and provide recommendations upon its conclusion.

Zac has a a tattoo of a VB logo on his right calf which is a key indicator it is him. Zac was also last seen wearing a faded blue singlet, dark blue board shorts and work boots.

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