Yoni Barrios: What we know about the Las Vegas Strip attack outside casino

Yoni Barrios
Yoni Barrios

Two people have died and six have been injured during a knife attack outside a casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

The suspect, named by police as Yoni Barrios, 32, was armed with a large kitchen knife during the “unprovoked” attack.

Yoni Barrios: What we know about the Las Vegas Strip attack outside casino

The horror unfolded around 11:40 am local time on Thursday.

The entertainers who were attacked were said to have been outside the Wynn Casino greeting tourists when the deranged knifeman, Yoni Barrios, launched the vicious attack.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Barrios is thought to have acted alone and investigators believe that it was an isolated incident.

This attack has prompted fears for safety among the strip’s street performers.

Barrios, who does not live in Las Vegas, reportedly had a kitchen knife and told the showgirls he was a chef that wanted to take a photo with them.

When they refused the stabbings started, recounted a woman who said four of the injured showgirls worked for her.

Yoni Barrios
Yoni Barrios

A total of eight were hurt, according to Captain Dori Koren of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. The remaining three are in a stable condition.

Barrios was arrested ‘very quickly’, said Koren.

Tourists are among the victims, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo later told the media.

During that press conference Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief James LaRochelle said that the suspect started stabbing without provocation.

He said that authorities are in possession of video showing the suspect leaving the original scene and running down Las Vegas Boulevard heading towards Sands Boulevard.

Barrios was held by Sands security guards until the police arrived.

He faces two charges of murder and six of attempted murder, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said on Friday.

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