WORK AND MARRIAGE , Which is more important?

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Work and marriage are important features of humanity. Both are as old as man and almost all adults are involved in both at the same time.

Unfortunately, both are important but handling the two at the same time is very difficult because there is always the danger that you will put greater emphasis on one at the neglect of the other.

Question is: which is more important, work or marriage?

Importance of work

Team of business people working together on a laptop
Team of business people working together on a laptop


You need to work and make money because all human activities including marriage needs money to make it work. Work improves your self-esteem. You exercise your brain and, therefore, reduce the chances of mental disorders.

Your work place also provides an avenue to make friends. Work promotes partnership and you share life experiences. This helps you to define your character.

In times, women were home makers, and husbands, home providers. Today, however, due to interventions and equal opportunities more and more women have proved themselves in almost all areas including medicine, engineering and law. Today, whatever a man can do, a woman also do and sometimes better.

Today most wives shoulder the burden of working and taking care of their families at home. A wife’s work is never done and she is more likely to be affected by the pressure of work than a husband.

Importance of marriage


A fulfilling marriage is the best thing you can have in life because it offers you the opportunity to share all areas of your life. Today, studies show couples who have higher immune systems and, therefore, lower rate of getting sick as compared to singles.

They have lesser rate of depression and express five times higher level of happiness. They have readily available sexual partners. It is also known that married people are more productive and have more economic assets than singles.

Marriage provides the best environment for Children raised in marriage are better physically, emotionally and mentally. They, therefore, tend to be higher achievers and have more stable marriages.

It is also known that stable marriages promote stable societies.

Which is more important?

A woman easily give up her prestigious job to focus on her marriage.


A man sees work important than marriage. For a man, nothing succeeds at work because it builds his self-esteem. He is driven by passion to succeed at work and threatened by failure.

For a man, working hard to provide for his family is the best way to express his love. He is born to give his all to work. If you come between your man and his work, you will lose because a man will easily leave you to pursue his career.

It is important to appreciate that work and marriage are important. What determines your failure or success in life is the balance you give to the two.

First make your marriage a top most priority and the foundation of your life. Make everything else the icing on your cake.

Set quality time for your marriage and be mentally and physically at home. Set goals together and share activities you both enjoy.

Celebrate your marriage. Be happy with your work and develop a positive mental attitude to succeed. Have a sound management system. Delegate where necessary. Avoid stress because it makes you less productive.

Back to the question; work and marriage – which is more important? Luther has a hint for you. He says ‘marriage is the closest thing to heaven on earth’.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

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