Woman dumped by her husband builds her own house after 4 years of riding okada

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A Kenyan woman who had to start life afresh after her husband dumped her, has prevailed against all odds and become a homeowner within a space of four years.

In 2017, when Eunice Otieng’s husband left her for another woman, she would have never imagined that one day she would be a landlord because by then, she was having a myriad of challenges; one of them being that her ex-hubby left her with huge loans to service.

The mother of one however, picked the pieces up, started some new businesses and has now been able to build a house for herself.


Speaking in an interview with, the mother of one recounted how she and her daughter became homeless after the landlord closed down their house due to months-long rent arrears.

However, being the strong woman she is, Otieng, who works as a nurse said she decided to start working as a commercial motorcycle rider.

“I almost ran mad with my small salary. I had no option but to think about how to start life from zeros. I had a motorcycle which I took and I started boda boda job,” she said.

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Being that her salary as a nurse was going into the repayment of the loans that she took for her ex-spouse, she did night shifts and so during the day, she hustled as an Okada rider.

She saved a sum of N94,000 and started a small business in 2018.

Since she had a piece of land that she had bought before marriage, she started building her house.

”I decided that I will work hard for my baby to get the best. I think I was working hard with a lot of anger to change my life. That’s why I was able to finish the house,” Otieng said.

She also had savings for her baby and she decided to use them to build the rentals which she recently finished.

According to the hardworking Busia woman, she gifted her five-year-old daughter the rentals to heal the pain they went through when the landlord closed their house due to rent arrears.

“I gifted her the houses to wipe the tears we cried when the landlord was locking our house. I vowed to make her a landlady at this tender age,” she said.

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