Why Your Man Will Cheat On You With An Uglier Girl

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Men cheat. Period. Don’t fight it, don’t interrogate it. You can console yourself with the “But mine is different”line. Obama won the presidency by selling hope. Relationships are extremely fickle and fecal nowadays. Women have their own set of peculiar tendencies men have their own, cheating is by far the biggest one that women have refused to contend with. In retrospect, unless a man has other agendas, he won’t contend with a cheating mate. A cheating female mate.

Humanity likes to think men are simple creatures, just because we are less complicated than women does not make us simple. We vary and these variations are manifested in how and what causes men to cheat. It can be either one, a combination of some or all of the situations listed below that make men cheat.

1) You Are Boring.

So you can give Kim Kardashian a run for her money when matters shape are concerned. Good for you. You will enjoy being shown off to his buddies and family (If you are lucky) for the first few weeks. But if that is all there is to you, iko shida. A bombshell with nothing else to offer than a nicely contoured body will be cheated on because someone else will stimulate this man’s brains while simultaneously stimulating his nether regions. Looks don’t really count for either, just the requisite parts

2) The relationship is over (In his head)

You may be single but only your boyfriend knows. In his head, the relationship ended eons ago yet you are still there playing house with a man who has and wants nothing to do with you. If my head, both, tell me i am single, the most probable thing to do is to fill the void but in this case it will be regarded to as cheating because of the partially unresolved relationship. Admittedly, most men are cowards when it comes to ending relationships. When it’s they will provide the gun and ammunition for you to shoot. Ammunition does not need to be a curvy light skin, anything goes.

3) Availability of someone to cheat with

Takes two to tango. In most cases of cheating, it so happens a member of the opposite sex offers their goodies in not so subtle ways, most men will not bother with what the face looks like provided the goodies are there. This is what is referred to as ” Cover de face and fire de base”. As crass as it sounds, it only shows in this instant that lust is to blame, not your man.

4) Your personality sucks.

After a man has been around enough to know that there is more to a woman than just looks, don’t be surprised when he starts putting up with your endless tantrums and terrible language by walking out the door. He could be walking straight into another woman’s arms who is your exact opposite. In both personality and looks sectors.


Eugene Nyavor

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links. A well bred journalist with a flair for entertainment, society and arts, He loves covering events and reporting personalities for the public consumption.

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