Why was BJ Flores shot?

Why was BJ Flores shot

Benjamin BJ Flores, an American former professional boxer and a current boxing trainer was shot and rushed to hospital.

BJ Flores was on holiday in Colombia when the shocking incident took place.

Why was BJ Flores shot?

According to, BJ Flores was shot during armed robbery’ in Colombia

BJ Flores took to social media today to reveal the shocking ordeal.

The videos showed the x-ray of the bullet in his leg and the marks where the gun was pressed against his temple just before he went into surgery.

Flores wrote: “Tonight I was attacked by two armed motorcycle drivers as a passenger at a RED LIGHT.

“They pulled up, stuck a gun to my head, tried to steal my wallet and my watch.

“They shot me one time in the leg and I defended myself the best way I could.

“I am still in the emergency room waiting to have the bullet removed at 5:18am.

“Thank you for the well wishes. I will learn from this.

“Be safe out there please. Life is precious.”

‘Pistol to my right temple, I was able to move the weapon down and manage to only get shot in the leg one time. Hospital now waiting surgery to remove the bullet, Thank GOD I’m alive.’

Flores showed off a knot on the side of his head, admitting he and his group were ‘definitely targeted’ but expressed a gratitude for still breathing.


‘Stay safe out there and everyone be careful. Appreciate the messages, thank you so much.’

Before training Paul, Flores was a professional fighter himself, making his debut in 2003 before retiring in 2018.

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