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Why Is MTN Momo The Target For Many Scammers

MTN Momo
MTN Momo

Why Is MTN Momo The Target For Many Scammers

Among all the three telecommunication networks in the country, MTN Ghana has been the favourite for many for several years now.

In fact, everyone is aware of the fact that with the MTN network, one would be able to stay in touch wherever you are no matter the location.

The introduction of their package, ‘MTN Mobile Money’ also known as ‘MTN Momo’ has caught the attention of other telecom stations as they have also initiated it.

However, there seems to be a little bit of confusion and unclarity here. When it comes to services MTN reigns, however, it seems they are the Number one (#1) choice for scammers.

Among all three telecom companies in the country, MTN reports more scams than the rest and it is interesting how they ended up there.

MTN Momo
MTN Momo

Vodafone and Airtel/Tigo have hardly reported such cases and one can’t tell if they have a more secured security system than MTN Ghana.

Whenever a scammer called, they mostly do it with MTN numbers and sometimes, you will realize they even end up using the other networks to perform transactions.

At the end of the scamming, MTN is unable to trace such people. They are left to continue their evil deeds while customers of their product struggle to survive.

Even though the company has tried to educate their customers regarding scamming activities they are still unable to fully take actions.

Therefore, the question is does MTN Ghana have a weak security system that is so easy for hackers to pass through or their own staff are those committing such actions.

Eugene Nyavor

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links. A well bred journalist with a flair for entertainment, society and arts, He loves covering events and reporting personalities for the public consumption.

Reach me via Email: [email protected]

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