Mizak Asante: Who Is He & Why Is He Trending?

Mizak Asante
Mizak Asante

Mizak Asante, a young Ghanaian who is currently trending on social media for some good reasons, has demonstrated excellent performance in Ghana’s football community.

In this article, explores the profile and background of Mizak Asante, whose background and profile have been the subject of curiosity for football fans.

Who Is Mizak Asante?

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On the 27th of September 2021, Mizak Asante became a top trend on social media after scoring a world-class goal against Mobile Phone People FC in Division Two of the league.

The playmaker/attacking midfielder came off the bench to score a late equalizer against Mobile People FC to propel his side to Division One League promotion.

Using his left foot, Asante dribbled the ball inside the box, spun 360 degrees to maneuver his way out, then nutmegged another player to hit the bar line before skipping the goalkeeper with a sharp left and right footwork.

He then slotted the ball past the near post to cap an impressive display.

Watch the video of his performance below

Date of Birth

Mizak was born on 21 Juen 2006.


His current age as of 2021 is 15 years.


Below are some of his Achievements

  • 2019 – Member of the National U15 of Ghana
  • 2020- Won the AFA League with Golden Kick Sporting Club
  • 2020- Won the Promising Star of the AFA league

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