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Who Is Manju Mishra, Akhil Mishra Wife? Relationship Timeline

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Akhil Mishra wife, Manju Mishra, shared his passion for acting and marked the beginning of his professional life journey.

The world of Indian cinema and television was plunged into mourning when the news of Akhil Mishra’s tragic demise broke.

The beloved actor was renowned for his versatile roles, including the memorable character of Dubey in the iconic movie “3 Idiots.” He passed away at the age of 58 due to a tragic accident. 

Akhil Mishra’s untimely death has left a void in the hearts of his fans and the entertainment industry. 

This article will delve into Akhil Mishra’s relationships, focusing on his first wife, Manju Mishra, and his second wife, Suzanne Bernert. 

Akhil Mishra Wife: Who Is Manju Mishra? 

Akhil Mishra’s first wife, Manju Mishra, played a significant role in the early chapters of his life. 

His journey, marked by two significant relationships, showcased profound personal and professional connections. (Source:

Their union in 1983 marked the beginning of a personal and professional journey as they embarked on a shared passion for acting.

Manju Mishra’s presence alongside Akhil in their debut feature film, “Dhat Tere…Ki,” demonstrated the chemistry that transcended the silver screen. 

Their collaboration extended to television with projects like the serial “Grihalakshmi Ka Jinn,” where their on-screen camaraderie was evident to viewers. 

Tragically, their promising journey together was cut short when Manju Mishra passed away in 1997. Her loss left an indelible mark on Akhil Mishra’s life, shaping the course of his personal and professional endeavors. 

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Despite the challenges and sorrow that followed, Akhil Mishra’s first marriage to Manju Mishra remains a significant chapter in his life’s narrative.

Akhil Mishra Relationship Timeline Explored

Akhil Mishra’s relationship timeline is a testament to life’s twists and turns, filled with joy and sorrow. 

His journey into matrimony began in 1983 when he married Manju Mishra, kickstarting a shared career in acting. Tragedy struck in 1997 with the untimely passing of Manju, marking the end of their 14-year marriage. 

However, life had more in store for Akhil as he found love again in 2009, this time with German actress Suzanne Bernert. 

Their union transcended cultural boundaries and led to a flourishing professional partnership. In 2011, they celebrated their love with a traditional wedding, cementing their commitment. 

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Their shared creative endeavors, including the short film “Majnu ki Juliet” in 2019, showcased the depth of their personal and professional connection. 

Meet Akhil Mishra Second Wife Suzanne Bernert 

Suzanne Bernert, the second wife of Akhil Mishra, was a significant presence in his professional life. 

Akhil Mishra’s second wife, Suzanne Bernert, was not only his life partner but also his creative collaborator. (Source:

A talented German actress, Suzanne’s journey in India brought her into the orbit of Indian cinema and television. Her ability to seamlessly adapt to the intricacies of Indian culture and language endeared her to audiences and the industry alike. 

The love story between Akhil Mishra and Suzanne was a cross-cultural fusion, a testament to love transcending borders.

Their professional collaboration, including projects like the movie “Kram” and the television series “Mera Dil Dewaana,” allowed them to channel their creative energies into their shared passions. 

Their partnership reached new heights with the creation of the short film “Majnu ki Juliet” in 2019. Akhil’s multifaceted acting, writing, and directing talents were fully displayed. 

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Suzanne’s involvement in this project underscored their shared vision and the depth of their personal and professional connection. 

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