Who is Kim Hyeon-Joong on Singles Inferno and what’s his age?

Kim Hyeon-Joong
Kim Hyeon-Joong

Kim Hyeon-Joong is a personal trainer, model and one of the main cast members of Netflix’s reality dating show, Single’s Inferno.

In addition to his stunning looks on Singles Inferno, Kim Hyeon Joong has attracted many Instagram followers thanks to his charming looks.

As many people are interested in knowing more about Kim Hyeon-Joon, has decided to take a closer look into his profile.

Kim Hyeon-Joong: Single’s Inferno Cast on Netflix

From a quick look at Hyeon-Joong Kim’s Instagram account, it appears he is a model and a personal trainer whose birthday is in October.

On his Instagram account, he has posted a number of fitness photoshoots and training sessions that have his fans going crazy. 

His model career has also taken a step forward, as he secured the title of first runner-up at the Mister World Competition in New Delhi in India, becoming one of the most successful models in the world.

In addition to having a lucrative career, Kim Hyeon-Joong has been receiving wide recognition even before his appearance in Single’s Inferno. 

Also, in his introduction, Kim disclosed that he loves cooking, and spends quality time on it. 

Moreover, Joong is the CEO of a food company named, KAMEE.

Probably in the early thirties, Kim Hyeon has started the process of finding the love of his life. 

Hyeon-Joong is therefore casting on the reality show Single’s Inferno in hopes of finding the ideal partner.

While the Korean man hasn’t revealed his ideal type, we assume that he definitely has a type, and he has literally changed to a hunter: the hunter that chases for his ideal partner.

Kim Hyeon-Joong’s Relationship History

At the moment, Kim Hyeon-Joong is searching for the love of his life, however, he probably had previous relationships in his past. 

Even though he might not have disclosed this information, it is obvious for such a handsome Korean to have had a love life in the past.

For now, only assumptions can be made as no such evidence exists that supports Kim having an ex-girlfriend.

Furthermore, Hyeon-Joong probably deleted all his posts that were directly or indirectly linked to his earlier love days.

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