Who is Jordyn Blum, Dave Grohl current Wife?

Jordyn Blum, Dave Grohl current Wife
Jordyn Blum, Dave Grohl current Wife

Jordyn Blum has been pulling in the miles and gaining more exposure as the current wife of Dave Grohl.

Who is she? And how did she go from being a model, to being the wife of  one of the biggest rock stars in the world, former Nirvana lead guitarist and frontman Dave Grohl?

In 1994, Dave Grohl married Jennifer Youngblood, but they divorced in 1997. 

Having divorced his first wife, Dave was single for some years before meeting the love of his life, Jordyn Blum.

Who is Jordyn Blum, Dave Grohl current Wife?

Jordyn Blum
Jordyn Blum

Jordyn Blum, Dave Grohl current wife is an American model and actress who is known for starring in the movie Runaway Bride. 

Blum was born in California on May 28th 1976 and began her modeling career when she was 17 years old. 

She graced the cover of Teen Magazine during her youth.

She then transitioned to a producing role at MTV after leaving modeling.

She has since demonstrated that she is a Jill of All Trades behind the scenes. 

She even directed the music video for the Foo Fighters’ single “Walking A Line” in 2000 as well as their documentary of the same name in 2002.

She met Dave Grohl on March 11, 2001 at the Sunset Marquis Whiskey Bar. 

During an interview, Dave stated that, “We went on a few dates, and I decided that I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, so I stopped calling. After three months I had a revelation and called back.” 

After dating for two years, Dave Grohl and Jordyn tied the knot on 2nd August 2003. Together they have three children. 

Together the couple has three children: Violet Maye, Harper Willow, and Ophelia Saint. 

Their oldest, Violet Maye, is currently 15 years old. 

Harper Willow is 12 and their youngest, Ophelia Saint, is 7. 

Blum and Grohl are clearly a very lucky and happy couple and we hope that things stay that way for them forevermore.

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