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Who Is John Calkins, Lucy Calkins Husband? Kids And Married Life

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Lucy Calkins husband, John Calkins, is a psychotherapist. If you want to know more about their married life and kids, read this article till the end.

Lucy Calkins is an author who is also reported to be the founding Director of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. She has also worked with classroom teachers and district principals.

Apart from that, Calkins’ leadership is rooted in her course of reading and writing workshop instruction. Likewise, she is the author or co-author of several scores of books.

Some of her books include Units of Study in Teaching Information, the Units of Study in Teaching Reading, and the K-2 Units of Study in Phonics. 

Meet Lucy Calkins Husband John Calkins

Lucy Calkins is married to her husband, John Calkins, who is said to be a psychotherapist. She has also talked about her husband in an interview, saying that John sees his patients until late in the evenings. 

Apart from that, he also gives time to his wife and their kids. Further information regarding John’s professional career remains unclear as the details are not accessible in the media.

Lucy Calkins is married to her husband John Calkins who is a psychotherapist by profession. (Source: The New York Times)

Further, John has also kept himself far from the media, and his official accounts are not available on any social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

It is believed that John must be doing well in his profession and in his personal life with his family, too. In most of his spare time, he loves spending time with his loved ones and going to different places.

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Lucy Calkins And John Calkins Married Life Explored

Lucy Calkins and her husband, John Calkins, have been married for many years, and their married life is still going well. The Calkins couple prefers to live a low-key life and maintain a distance from the media.

Due to that, the detail regarding their wedding and marriage date remains unclear. Both of them have never said anything about this topic to the media.

John Calkins is married to his wife, Lucy Calkins, with whom he has been together for a long time. (Source: Heinemann Blog)

In the same way, the media sources have not been able to track the information about the couple’s personal life. Furthermore, the pair lives a happy life in private, maintaining a huge privacy.

In addition, Lucy also has less activeness on social media, making it more challenging to know about her marriage with her beloved husband.

How Many Kids Does Lucy Calkins Have?

Lucy Calkins and her husband, John, have been together for a long time, and they have also started a family of their own. Reportedly, Lucy and John gave birth to two kids, both sons, Miles and Evan.

Both kids of, Lucy and John, have also stayed far from the public light. Due to that, nothing can be given about their profession or educational background.

Lucy Calkinds is the mother of two kids, both sons. (Source: YouTube)

However, Lucy has talked about them in an interview. Once, the whole family went on an 18-hour trip to our summer cabin in Traverse City, Michigan.

Furthermore, Miles and Evan must be engaged in some profession, but the details are not accessible in the public domain. More details about the family life of Calkins may be shared soon. 

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