Who is Jackson Reffitt? Son of Capitol rioter says his father was ‘used as puppet for Donald Trump’

Jackson Reffitt
Jackson Reffitt

Jackson Reffitt, son of Capitol rioter, Guy Reffitt, who was sentenced to over seven years in prison Monday for his participation in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack has revealed that his father was used as puppet for Donald Trump.

Jackson Reffitt alleged that his father was ‘used as a puppet’ and ‘manipulated’ into helping Trump attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

‘It is disgusting to see that someone with … money and social power can just get away with manipulating thousands of people just for whatever reason, and have no outcome,’ Jackson explained.

Jackson Reffitt, also argued that while his father was is a ‘narcissist’ that made poor decisions, he was also ‘used as a puppet’ for then-President Donald Trump.

“He is his own person, and he has made his own choices, but he’s also been pretty much manipulated into making those choices. And it pains me that he is still responsible for his actions,” Reffitt said Tuesday.

When asked why he thought his dad made that decision, Jackson Reiffett said, “I can’t think of anything other than my own experience with my father, knowing he is a narcissist, and that he has a rather large ego, and it was horrible to see him make that decision.”

 Jackson Reffitt

Jackson Reffitt warned the FBI about his dad before and after the insurrection.

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He said he has talked to his father once since he has been in jail, and mentioned that he would like to talk to him again.

“I still don’t even know how to process right now in terms of what I’m actually feeling. But I would just like to talk about the most pointless stuff just to go have a one on one with him at least a couple more times before he gets out,” he said.

Guy Reffitt, who received the longest sentence handed down so far for the riot, decided not to take a plea deal and instead wanted a trial that could have given him even more time behind bars. He later regretted that decision in court.

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