Who is Gena Tew? 5 facts about Instagram model who nearly died from AIDS

Gena Tew
Gena Tew

On Monday, Instagram model, Gene Tew posted a video on Tiktok narrating how she nearly died from AIDS after going untested for almost a decade.

Gena Tew stated that she had no idea how or when she contracted it, but that her doctor believes it had been in her system for between eight and ten years.

In addition, Gena also revealed she hadn’t gotten tested during that entire time period, and only had been tested once her symptoms had become more severe.

The 27-year-old also said she lost a lot of weight from the virus, at one point getting down to as low as 65 pounds. She had to undergo physical therapy just to get her body back into serviceable shape, she said.

Based on her age, she must have contracted AIDS between the ages of 17 and 19, according to her doctor’s assessment.

She also lost sight in one eye and the ability to walk due to the virus, however with physical therapy she has since regained mobility on her own.

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Tew did hesitantly admit that she had been raped several times when she was homeless and living in New York City, and hinted at that being the likely cause of her infection

Who is Gena Tew? 5 facts about Instagram model who nearly died from AIDS

Gena Tew
Gena Tew
  • Gena Tew, is social media influencer and Instagram model who is known for posting fashion, song cover, and selfie photos/videos to her eponymous account.
  • Tew modeled for The Cover magazine back in 2015, and is also a singer by trade.
  • She’s covered such songs as Adele’s “Hello” and released a rendition of Alina Baraz’s “Electric Song” in early 2018.
  • The Brooklyn based model, who’s known for her distinctive throat tattoo, had previously booked big gigs with retailer Dolls Kill, according to a 2018 profile by Inked Magazine.
  • Among the celebrities she’s been linked to are Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and Chief Keef.

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