Who is Cherie Chan? Everything about Bling Empire cast member’s Life including Biography, Age & Networth

Cherie Chan
Cherie Chan

Bling Empire, an American reality show, is currently the most popular Netflix show, and one of its cast members, Cherie Chan, has been getting a lot of attention online.

Questions about Cherie Chan’s age, where she’s from, where she’s from, and other details have been flying around since she made an appearance on the show.

Fans of Bling Empire want to know everything about this new star!

Who is Cherie Chan?

Cherie Chan ( born 17th February 1988) is an Entrepreneur and cast member in Bling Empire.

Born in Los Angeles, Cherie is an Asian – American whose parents are immigrants from Hong Kong.

She is well known for her presence in the Bling Empire reality show.

Cherie Chan, 45, comes from a wealthy family, and her childhood years were filled with every materialistic item that she had wished for.


In  2020, Cherie lost her mother, and it was the most tragic incident for her but with time, she has been trying to move on from the past and is enjoying every second of her life.

Cherie is active on Instagram, and as per what she shares on her Instagram account, it can be deduced that she is into Hong kong foods.

Who is Cherie Chan husband?


The reality star shares two children with her husband Jessey Lee, who married in secret in February 2022.

She was married to Richard Lee in 2016, and since then they have been by each other’s sides through every thick and thin.

While both Cherie and her ex-husband, Richard are happy together, society has a lot to tell about their relationship for their age gap.

As Cherie is just 45 and her ex-husband is 65, the twenty years of age difference has brought their relationship to the controversy.

Unfortunately, due to some misunderstanding, their relationship came to an end.

Net worth

According to TheCinemaholic, Cherie and Jessey are worth a whopping $200 million (£145million).

Cherie actually started out life with dreams of being a pop star and was signed to Sony Music.

But her mum is said to have disapproved, so she gave this up, moved to Los Angeles and opted for a more traditional life.

She is also the heiress to her family’s denim empire, while Jessey is preparing to take over his family’s high-end furniture business.

The entrepreneurs also own a tequila company called Religion Tequila.

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