Who is Brent Renaud wife? Facts about Brent Renaud’s love life

Brent Renaud wife
Brent Renaud wife

’Who is Brent Renaud wife?’ This may be a question on your mind after you heard the news that the award-winning US filmmaker was shot and killed by Russian forces in Irpin, Ukraine.

The following article provides all the information you need on whether or not he has a wife and children.

Brent Renaud Killed In Ukraine

On Sunday, Russian forces killed Brent Renaud in Irpin, Ukraine, according to Kyiv region police on social networks.

 He reportedly died after being hit in the neck and coming under Russian fire while working, according to The Guardian.

 Juan Arredondo, a fellow US photographer, was also wounded.

Was Brent Renaud Married? Did He Have A Girlfriend? 

Brent Renaud, according to several accounts, never married or tied the knot, and he did not have any girlfriend at the time of his demise.

 Bloomberg reported, however, that he was survived by his parents, brother, and brother’s wife Mami, in addition to an 11-year-old nephew Taiyo.

Who was Brent Renaud?

Brent Renaud

Brent Anthony Renaud (October 13, 1971 – March 13, 2022) was an American journalist, documentary filmmaker, and photojournalist.

Renaud earned his bachelor’s degree in English literature from Southern Methodist University and a master’s degree in sociology from Columbia University

Brent Renaud Family

He was born to Louis Renaud and Georgann Freasier in 1941. 

Brent’s father, Louis, was employed in Sales at Uniroyal Industrial Clothing from 1963 to 1970, according to LinkedIn.

For the next thirteen years, he worked as District Manager at Ray-O-Vac Batteries. 

Moreover, starting from February 1981, he has been working at LRAssociates as President. 

Louis is a graduate of St. Vincents Grade School, St. Mary’s High School St. Louis, Missouri. 

He holds Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business/Commerce. 

Moreover, he earned a BS in Marketing Major while Minor in Psychology in Political Science and Marketing from Southeast Missouri State University in 1967.

Meanwhile, Brent’s mother Georgann worked as a social worker. She worked as Psychiatric Social Worker in her own private practice.

She is a graduate of Central High, Cape Girardeau, MO of 1960.

Brent’s mom graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Master of Social Work.

Brent’s younger brother Craig Renaud turned 47 years old in July 2021.

He is working as a Director/Producer at 501 Film LLC. Moreover, he is the founder of the Little Rock Film Festival.

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