Who is Aliza Jane? Age, Instagram, Profile, Photos & other facts we know

Aliza Jane
Aliza Jane

Aliza Jane’s name is trending on Twitter and Reddit thanks to a series of claims she made in a recent interview on Sofia Franklyn’s podcast.

Aliza made an appearance in an episode that aired on June 14th and addressed some details about her personal life, including plastic surgery and online fame.

Below is what we gathered from the interview.

Who is Aliza Jane? Age, Profile explored

Aliza Jane is a 25-year-old model and online influencer who rose to fame thanks to social media. She currently has only seven posts but a fanbase of 15.4k followers on Instagram.

She was born on May 27th, 1997 in California and grew up in Utah.

The model has labelled herself “The Greek Freak” but it is unknown whether she has ever lived in Greece.

Aliza’s interview on Sofia Franklyn’s podcast is her third most-popular appearance after appearing on No Jumper and Pray Parlay.

Aliza Janes claims Kanye West asked her to TWERK NAKED

Aliza Jane recently claimed that she twerked naked in front of Kanye West and Future.

The model who goes by the name @sheagreekfreak on a private Instagram account, made an appearance on ‘Sofia with an F’ podcast, where she made the wild claim.

As per Jane, she had a meeting with the 45-year-old ‘All of the Lights’ singer in Miami after which he went to Los Angeles.

However, when West was back in Miami, he called her and asked her to come meet him at Future’s home.

Aliza Jane Photos

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Aliza Jane

Aliza Jane: Full details of instagram model who claimed Kanye West asked her to TWERK NAKED for Future and friends

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