Weng Sor: U-Haul truck driver identified

Weng Sor, U-Haul
Weng Sor, U-Haul

Weng Sor has finally been as the U-Haul truck driver who hit multiple pedestrians on Bay Ridge Parkway and 5th Avenue before fleeing the scene.

According media reports, Weng Sor is a 62-year-old Asian man with ties to Brooklyn.

Court records show Weng Sor was sentenced to one to three years in a Nevada prison for stabbing his brother in Las Vegas in 2015.

His motive remains unclear, but police sources described him as being ’emotionally disturbed’ and homeless.

It remains unclear how he was obtained the truck.

What happened?

Security video illustrates just a fraction of the danger the driver posed to anyone on or near the road.

The U-Haul truck was spotted on footage at 4th Avenue near 55th Street swerving into the bike lane where a cyclist is struck and plowed over.

A second cyclist in front appeared to see what was unfolding and move out of the way as the truck showed no signs of slowing down.

By 11:30 a.m., the NYPD had the truck bearing Arizona license plates and its driver surrounded on a corner between Red Hook and Carroll Gardens.

Weng Sor, U-Haul
Weng Sor, U-Haul

The driver was taken into custody without incident.

The truck, stopped against a police cruiser on the sidewalk, was searched for any additional threats and was deemed safe.

That stop is part of seven different scenes across Brooklyn being sorted through for evidence, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said Monday afternoon.

What we know about the victims

The NYPD has thus far offered little information about the crash.

We do, however, know that at least five people were injured.

ABC7 reports that a man in his 30s was struck by the U-Haul on 4th Avenue.

He has since been taken to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition.

Three other men riding mopeds were also struck and suffered minor injuries, the outlet reported.

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