Wendy Shay Full Biography [Celebrity Bio]

Wendy Shay Biography
Wendy Shay Biography

Wendy Shay Biography has been following Wendy Shay, particularly after she released her debut: “Uber Driver” which is currently enjoying massive airplay.

Her entrance into the Ghana music industry was met with fierce criticisms from some Ghanaians who believe, in the first place, that Bullet rushed in introducing her as the late Ebony Reigns’ ‘replacement’. Some people threw jabs at her, and the most popular one was “you can never be like our queen Ebony”.

Born Wendy Addo, Wendy Shay, however, rose above the hate and criticisms to release her song ‘Uber Driver’.

Despite all the ridicules she faces, Wendy Shay has some interesting facts surrounding her personality and career that many people do not know about.

Here, brings you 5 of these stunning facts about Wendy Shay that would blow your mind.

Wendy Shay Biography

Wendy Shay Biography
Wendy Shay Biography

She is a midwife by profession: Wendy Shay, in an interview on GHOne, revealed that she is a midwife by profession. According to her, she was practicing and working as a medical officer in Germany until she relocated to Ghana to start the music.

Asked why she abandoned such a noble career for music, Wendy said “I have loved music since I was a kid. It is in me, and I feel now is the time I have to make it known”. Her submission indicates that indeed, Shay loves music and is here to make a mark in the music industry.

Meeting with Bullet: in that same interview monitored by Gh Links, Wendy Shay disclosed that she met Bullet at an event in Accra. According to her, it was just an exchange of “hi” between them. Wendy explained that by then, she had no intention of doing music, and even though she knew the man she just spoke with is Bullet, she didn’t have any interest in talking long with him on any subject.

According to her, it was on a different occasion that Bullet contacted her and asked if she would like to pursue music because he realized from their little conversation that she had a nice voice. This meeting, according to Shay, was in December, long or two months before Ebony died.

She lost her father at age two: According to Wendy Shay, she sadly lost her dad when she was only two years. Since then, she has been living with the remaining of the family in Germany.

Her mother’s way to support her music: She further revealed in that same interview that her mother has the nickname ‘Mama Shay’, as a way of supporting her music career. According to Wendy, her mother supports her choosing music over midwifery, and had pledged her undying support for her new career.

Why ‘Uber Driver’?: Wendy Shay also disclosed that ‘Uber Driver’ was written by Bullet as her first song to also commemorate her predecessor, the late Ebony Reigns.

According to her, the line that has “p3 hw3” was included in the song to remind Ghanaians of Ebony’s “Maame Hw3”. This revelation may come as a surprise to many who have already read many different meanings to Wendy Shay’s ‘Uber Driver’.

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