All The Ways You Can Use Avocado To Look Prettier Than You Already Are #iamghlinks

Avocado can be quite helpful in making you prettier from nourishing your hair to hydrating your skin, it is a versatile food that can make you very beautiful. Women especially will find this fruit useful especially if you are the type that has regular “girls’ night.”

A lot of ladies have a love of self-pampering, but not too many know that there are a number of things in their kitchen that they can use and eat to get a natural and prettier glow.

Avocado is one of the most versatile ways to get a better and more beautiful look. This green superfood is not only meant for eating or to make guacamole only. Avocados are packed with nutrients, as they contain as much as 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, which can provide a high percentage of the daily value of the human body needs.

Furthermore, asides the fact that the avocado is healthy and provides fortifying vitamins, it has the ability to keep us on the right dietary track. Avocados can be eaten and used as a part of your daily routine to revitalize your look.

While you may find the image of the woman with a green mask in her bathrobe to be a familiar way in which most ladies use avocados in their beauty routine, we bet you don’t know that this fruit can be used to improve your hair and nails.

Here are at least five different ways you can use avocado to improve your look and have heads turning anywhere you go.

Your Nails
For you to reap the healthy benefits of avocados on your nails, it is essential you use this fruit the old-fashioned way. Make a good impression on your manicurist by eating this fruit regularly.

Eating foods that are full of “good” fat can help provide a hormonal balance that can positively impact the looks of women, especially the older ones. It just so happens that avocados are rich in good fat, nutrients, and proteins that can help restore brittle nails to a more beautiful appearance.

Your Hands and Feet
The skin on your hands and feet are constantly exposed to negative factors. Your feet are jammed up in shoes sometimes and over-exposed during hot weather. The exposure of your hands and feet to different elements can result in you having dry skin.

You can use Avocados to create an exfoliating scrub for both your hands and feet which does not only hydrate but also wipes away that gruffness which the weather can leave on them.

Your Skin
Whether you eat this fruit or rub them on your skin, it has a very huge impact on how you look. Because avocados are a good source of biotin, they have the power to prevent dry skin when you eat them. And when you wear them as a mask, your skin will be naturally hydrated.

Your Eyes
Eating this wonder fruit has the ability to help prevent eye disease because the food is loaded with carotenoids. If your intention is to have your eyes looking pretty and less puffy, you can simply slice this fruit and rest the slices under your eyes for 15 minutes to hydrate the skin under.

Your Hair
For you to have luscious and shiny hair, you can dab on some avocado oil or a homemade avocado hair mask. This will do the trick as this fruit contains nutrients and amino acids which have been said to strengthen and revitalize hair to make it silky-smooth.

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