Who was Vitaly Gerasimov? Ukraine kills another Russian general within a week

Vitaly Gerasimov
Vitaly Gerasimov

Ukrainian forces have killed one of Russia’s top military commanders, Vitaly Gerasimov.

A number of senior Russian military officers, including Chief of Staff Vitaly Gerasimov, were killed outside the east Ukrainian city.

Before this, Ukrainian defense forces reportedly killed Vladimir Zhoga, leader of the neo-Nazi ‘Sparta Battalion.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence has not confirmed Sukhovetsky’s death. 

His death was announced on social media by his colleague Sergey Chipilyov. 

Many Russian and Ukrainian media outlets reported that he had passed away.

Although the Russian Ministry of Defence has yet to officially announce Gerasimov’s death, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has confirmed the news. 

Who was Vitaliy Gerasimov

Since 1995, Vitaliy Gerasimov has served in the Russian armed forces, participating in both military operations in Syria and the Second Chechen War. 

He received eight awards for his military service during his illustrious career in the army. 

In addition to receiving the medal, he also contributed to the annexation of Crimea via military service.

The news of Gerasimov’s death comes at a time when the Russian forces are already facing a setback due to a defiant Ukrainian resistance, logistical problems, food shortage, and poor morale. 

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy hailed the country’s army and civilian resistance, claiming that the war had turned out to be a “nightmare” for Russia. 

Kyiv-based defense reporter Illia Ponomarenko reflected on the death of Vitaliy Gerasimov, tweeting, “Major General Vitaliy Gerasimov, the chief of staff with Russia’s 41st Combined Arms Army, has been eliminated by Ukraine’s military intelligence operators. I still don’t get it what Russians are hoping for in this war.”

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