VIDEO: Gospel musician Gifty Osei falls flat at a wedding, and it’s hilarious

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It seems as though recently every time you hear something on the news or social media about gospel singer Gifty Osei, it’s nothing positive.

Gospe musician Gifty Osei falls flat at a wedding, and it's hilarious

Following last year’s public criticism of the Gifty Osei’s makeup preferences, and what some hilariously referred to as her LAFA (Locally Acquired Foreign Accent) last year, on would think that this year would be a new start for this popular artist…but alas, this was not to be.

A video has surface of the artist where she falls flat on her face when she tries to pass the married couple to get to…well, wherever she was going really.

Checkout the video below:

You have to hand to her though, she never skips a beat, trips, falls, gets up, moves on… kudos on her for not making a big deal of it.

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Written by Shadrach Annang

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