Verity Beck: Pennsylvania woman, 49, kills parents, dismembers bodies with chainsaw

Verity Beck
Verity Beck

A 49 year old Pennsylvania woman identified as Verity Beck, has killed and dismembers her parents, Reid Beck, 73, and Miriam Beck, 72.

According to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele, Verity Beck, has been charged with double homicide after police found her parents, Reid and Miriam Beck, in “different stages of dismemberment.

Verity appeared in court Wednesday for a preliminary arraignment and was ordered held without bail, criminal court records show.

Authorities have not yet found a possible motive.

However, investigators discovered a safe.

What happened

On Tuesday evening, the couple’s son, Justin Beck, drove past his parents’ house, having not spoken to them in person or on the phone since January 7.

He later told investigators that while he had received texts from his parents over the last ten days, he had not had any other contact with them since January 7, even though he generally spoke with his mother every day, the media outlet added.

According to, Justin saw that his parents’ vehicles were parked outside the property and all the lights inside were off. He then returned to his home and brought soup for his sister, Verity, who lived in the Jenkintown residence with their parents, because she had complained about being ill, NBC10 Philadelphia reports.

The man returned to his parents’ home at around 9:30 pm and entered the property.

In a downstairs bedroom he discovered a body on the floor covered by a bloodstained sheet, according to the criminal complaint.

He assumed that the feet sticking out from the blanket belonged to his father.

Investigators said Justin then called for Verity, who met him in the living room.

During a half-hour conversation, Verity told her brother that things at her home had ‘been bad,’ according to the criminal complaint.

When her brother said that they needed to contact the police, Verity said she needed ‘more time,’ according to investigators.

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Justin, who was aware that his sister owned a handgun, then left the property, returned to his own home and phoned the police, according to the criminal complaint.

Abington Police arrived at the house at around 10:30 pm on Tuesday and saw that the lights were on inside. They attempted to make contact with Verity at the front door but she did not respond, according to the criminal complaint.

More police units then arrived and set up a perimeter around the property.

Police then sent a small remote-controlled robot into the first floor of the home to find Verity, as well as a drone to look into the second-floor windows. However, they still could not locate Verity at that point.

Shortly after midnight, three officers entered the residence, to a strong odor inside.

The officers announced they were inside the building and Verity approached them shortly afterwards, investigators said.

‘Where are your parents?’ one of the officers asked, according to the criminal complaint.

‘They are dead,’ Verity Beck allegedly replied.

Police then handcuffed the 49-year-old and took her away from the house.

The officers then discovered a human foot inside the home with a blanket covering the rest of the body, investigators said.

They also found a chainsaw near the body, blood on the inside of a bedroom door and two trash cans in the bedroom, according to the criminal complaint.

One trash can was empty while the other was heavy.

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