Troy Taylor wife: Who is Tracey Taylor?

Troy Taylor wife: Who is Tracey Taylor
Troy Taylor with wife Tracey Taylor and children

Troy Taylor, the current head coach of the Stanford Cardinal football team, is married to Tracey Taylor.

If you are curious about Tracey Taylor, take a read.

Who is Tracey Taylor?

Tracey Taylor is a very private person, so there is not much public information about her.

However, we do know that she is a very supportive wife and mother.

Tracey and Troy Taylor has three children together: Noah, Aaron, and Ella.

She has often been seen at Troy’s football games, cheering him on from the sidelines.

In a 2022 interview with the Sacramento Bee, Troy Taylor spoke about how much his wife and family mean to him.

He said, “I’ve got a great family. A great wife. Great kids. And I get paid to coach football. It’s a miracle,” Taylor said. “I did it for free at Folsom High School, and I’m doing pretty much the same job as I did there. And now they’re just paying me a little bit more money. So I get paid to do a job that I would do for free.”

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How Troy and Tracey Taylor met

Troy and Tracey Taylor met in college at the University of California, Berkeley.

They were both students at the time, and they met through a mutual friend.

Troy Taylor was a quarterback on the Cal football team, and Tracey Taylor was a cheerleader.

They started dating soon after they met, and they were married in 1994.

Tracey Taylor’s support for Troy’s career

Tracey Taylor has been very supportive of Troy’s football career.

She has followed him all over the country as he has coached at different schools.

She has also been there for him during some of the tough times in his career, such as when he was fired from the Sacramento State job in 2018.

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