Trista Fullerton: How Arkansas woman kidnapped her eight children from their foster home

Trista Fullerton
Trista Fullerton

A 36-year-old Arkansas woman, Trista Fullerton, has been arrested in California for kidnapping her eight biological children from their foster homes and smuggling them across the country.

Trista Fullerton was taken into custody after a citizen saw her displaying bizarre behavior while in her Dodge pick-up truck with six children.

The citizen called the police to ask them to perform a welfare check.

When officers made contact with Fullerton, they discovered that there was a warrant out for her arrest in relation to the abduction of the eight children.

Fullerton had driven the children 2,000 miles from their homes in Arkansas.

Pictures regarding the incident released by the Anderson Police Department showed how filthy the Dodge was, with trash strewn across the interior.

During an interview, Fullerton told police the location of the two other children who had been abducted.

They were in a home in the nearby community of Cottonwood.

According to Fullerton’s Facebook page, she has several friends who live in Cottonwood.

The children were taken by the Shasta County Children and Family Services in order for them to reunited with their guardians back in Arkansas.

It’s unknown for how long the children have been missing. Fullerton is being held by the Shasta County sheriff pending extradition to Arkansas.

Online records show that the mother has previously been charged with domestic battery charges.

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