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The queen of Marvin records Tiwatope Savage Balogun is Nigerians sweetheart. Known more simply as Tiwa Savage, she is a vocal powerhouse with a history in music from a young age.

Tiwa Savage was born in Nigeria and is from Lagos. However she traveled a lot as a child and this has a cultural background from the United Kingdom as well as the United States. She attended her high school years in London and went ahead to study business administrations. She went ahead to graduate with a bachelors degree from the university of Kent.
Her passion in music however led her to Berklee College of music. She graduated with yet another degree in music. Tiwa Savage net worth cannot go unnoticed as she has achieved so much in life.
Tiwa Savage songs are always awaited for by her loyal and adoring fans. Not to mention that her popularity is making her bag some good money. Tiwatope Savage works hard and definitely plays hard. She is one on expensive tastes and an obvious preference for the finer things in life.
Tiwa Savage music career Her flourishing career as a musician began long before she officially relocated to Nigeria. Tiwa Savage was doing music at 16 doing back up vocals for huge names such as Kelly Clark son and Mary J Blige.
Tiwa savage
Her music career took time and passion to develop. Tiwa Savage is seen once again showcasing her musical abilities in the X factor as a contestant. In spite of her vocal abilities that took her a long way, she is let go as the the worth contestant. This did not kill her big dream of making it as an artist.
One of the highlights of her Career as an underground musician and good news to her bank account was a deal with Sony music in the year 2009.
This deal was for Tiwa to write for big names such as Babyface, Fantasia, Kat de Luna and Monica.She decided to move to Nigeria after completing school in the US. She made this decision to move to Nigeria even after discouragement and concerns. This however did not slow Tiwa nor dampen her spirit. She went ahead and began building her musical career as a professional singer in Lagos.
Tiwa Savage net worth
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Tiwa Savage latest songs took Nigeria by storm. After her entry into the Nigerian music scene, Savage worked tirelessly and first released a single Kele Klee love. This song sent Tiwa Savage to the top of the charts. It got a great reception and was popular across Africa. She followed up this hit single with an album.
This album was worked on and collaborated with several big Nigerian artists. Her album which also was a collaboration with her alumni friends from Berkelee and several DJs. The success opened several doors for charity, endorsements and a record deal. She signed an endorsement with Pepsi, forte oil and Maggi. Besides these endorsements, her company 303 entertainment made a deal with Marvin records. It is Nigerians biggest music recording company with a great reputation as well.
She signed a recording deal and she continued to do shows and make appearances on many big platforms across Africa. Her net worth is supposedly 4.85 million dollars. At her current age of 38 years, this must be a great achievement in her life. Her bank account is marched with a love for the greater things in life. Tiwa Savage is known to keep it lavish by buying big beautiful homes, flying private jets, cruises and holidays.
Tiwa Savage spends her millions in style along with her son that enjoys holidays and the private jets even at a tender age. One unique and admirable fact about this Nigerian sweetheart is her heart and love for giving back.
Tiwa Savage along with other stars including Diamond platnumz, Davido, mi casa, Sarkodie and Lola ray took part in a production that was an initiative by DSTVs Africa rising campaign. This was a big campaign in support of African rising young people.
This song was shot by South African production house called callback dream. This song was debuted in the opening ceremony for this event in Mauritius. It was a huge hit in Africa and continued to add to the list of Tiwa Savage features and songs. Tiwa Savage all over working hard put her in the path of opportunity.
In July of 2014, it was rumored that Tiwa Savage had made a deal with Roc nation. This swept the media until she Hershel’s went on to Instagram to confirm the rumor as true. She was the first Nigerian artist to sign a management and distribution deal with the US record label. This only continued to add zeros to the ever hard working artist Tiwa Savage bank account. She is a good role model and a great inspirational story on hard work and never giving up on your dreams. Tiwa Savage is also known for her humanitarian work in her country Ghana. She has been seen on several initiatives to build schools and promoting education in Nigeria. Ain’t she just amazing? A mix of fiery artistry and soft humanity that continues to make her a household name among Africans and globally.

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