Timothy Ferriter occupation: Details of Florida dad’s occupation

Timothy Ferriter occupation

Timothy Ferriter, a Florida father was found guilty on 12 October 2023 of child abuse and other charges after he locked his adopted son in a prison-like room that he hired a contract worker to build in the family’s garage – sometimes dropping in meals and a bucket for a bathroom.

Timothy Ferriter, 48, was convicted on one count each of aggravated child abuse, false imprisonment, and neglect of a child for the torture-like treatment meted out to the boy.

Palm Beach County jurors deliberated for two hours and 33 minutes before finding the defendant guilty on all the charges.

In this article, we take a dive into details of Timothy Ferriter occupation.

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Timothy Ferriter occupation

A website bio for Tim Dunne Ferriter says:

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Tim Dunne Ferriter is an experienced leader, enthusiastic and driven professional with a diverse and successful background from Fortune 500 companies (Medtronic & Boston Scientific) to Venture-Backed Start-up organizations.

Held significant roles with venture backed startup companies that successfully went through to acquisition.

Adept at up-stream and down-stream marketing. Excellent communication skills including foreign language proficiency.

Highly proficient in building leaders and developing strategic, high-level, long-term business relationships. Has worked and lived abroad including a European based role and a Latin American based role.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Team Building, Business Development, Management, Leadership Development, Mentorship, Sales Management, Training, Branding, Advertising & Publishing.

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