Timeless Love Episode 12 Update on Tuesday 14th November 2017
Timeless Love Episode 12 Update on Tuesday 14th November 2017

Timeless Love Episode 12 Update on Tuesday 14th November 2017

Last night we left the Monterrubios with the happy (to most) news that Matias and Renata are novios.

Adriana happily tells her mami about her promotion and she loves her boss Matias but he loves Renata. Ma sez don’t make the same mistake I made with your pa, he didn’t truly love me and then I got pregnant. But Ma quickly adds she doesn’t regret it because of her awesome daughter. Way to give your daughter a complex lady. (Consensus from comments is that Mom raised Adriana alone.)
Happy toasting and congrats at the Monterrubio table but Fina refuses to congratulate them. Matt’s all “it’s me right?” Nope, Fina snarls it’s because Renata doesn’t deserve Matt. Caras Impactadas.
Augie arrives in the DF and calls Jero to invite him for brekkies. He thought bubbles evil stuff about wanting to make the Hacienda La Bonita his, all his. Marta was right!
Lorea uses Rafa’s death as an excuse to call Jero. She’s not happy to hear he does not plan to return to Spain. “Lo echo de menos” (I miss you) she says. He scowls.
Fina basically sez Nata doesn’t deserve Matt because she’s a tramp. She was caught kissing Diego at her birthday (oh horrors!) while at the same time sniffing around Rafael (again, big deal). Fina’s not happy when everybody sticks up for Renata. Renata runs from the table and Matt publicly confirms that he intends to go forward with the relationship. The party breaks up; Fina = Buzz Kill.
Gonzo takes fina behind closed doors and yells at her that Renata is not an “indecent woman”. He’s happy about her relationship with Matt. Fina says Renata’s slutty behavior will be the shame of the house and the business.
Renata’s in her room crying and doesn’t want to let Matt in, she needs to be alone. Meanwhile Constanza and Honorio wonder what type of horrid mother would do what Fina just did. Coni thinks it’s a shame that a witch like Fina can have kids when a woman like her who would love kids can’t have any. Not fair! She vows to defend Renata. I just figured out who Honorio reminds me of. Alec Baldwin. Does anyone else see it?
Matt sees Roberta in the garden and asks why her ma’s such a beeyatch. Rob sez mom’a not a bruja she was telling the truth. Matt doesn’t believe it and call Rob on it, she’s not objective because the guys always go for Renata instead of her. Whoa, tell it like it is bro. He sez Nata’s always been in love with him. Rob laughs and tells him not to be an ass, she laughs when he stalks off.
Renata lets daddy Gonzo in to comfort her. She promises that mom misinterprets everything about her. Daddy reassures her he’s proud of her and she is different from mom and Roberta. Dad assures her he’s happy about her and Matt and he believes in her. Sweet dad and daughter hug while creepy Fina creepily creeps behind the door watching, plotting, sneering.
Jero visits Regina at her office to ask her a personal favor, he doesn’t want the Monterrubio’s to find out what happened to Rafael nor to know Jero is related to him. Regina sez Matt is Jero’s friend and she doesn’t think his perfidy is a good idea. Antonio interrupts and Regina introduces him as her novio. Smiles and handshakes FF>>.
Matt reassures Renata the witch Fina doesn’t affect them. What they have begins right now, awwww. Maybe they don’t have the electricity but they do make a good team.
Roberta reports to Fina that she planted a seed of doubt in Matt’s mind about Renata. Fina instructs Roberta to do what it takes to make Matt hate Renata, is that clear? These two are so evil that I can’t even think of a good wisecrack right now.
Tony and Regina: he’ll be patient and understanding, yawn.
Ruta de Vino, Baja California Norte: Kari finds Doc moping around the bedroom with a bottle in his hands. More yelping about Rafael then he finds a way to blame her. She recoils and he acts like he’s going to rape her. He tells her any other woman in town would love to be in her place, but she’s incomplete, couldn’t give him kids and she’s a failure as a wife. Uh, you’re sitting around drinking instead of working and she’s a failure?
Augustin shows up at Renata’s office for their meeting and is instantly smitten. Blah blah business talk, she gives him their proposal which he will review. Can he ask her a personal question? Is everything OK? He sez there is a deep sadness in her eyes.
Jero goes to La Mentira but Chris the bartender has no new news for him. He recalls his kiss with Renata and then Roberta shows up. She immediately starts bitching about the news that Matias and her stupid sister are novios. All sis cares about is power and money. He asks what does Roberta care about? She says no you tell me what YOU care about. Back and forth until he finally asks does she think he’s of her same level or does she think he’s lacking? “You’re perfect for me,” she coos.
Boring scene where Matt and Renata leave work together and he continues to reassure her. FF>>
Back at the bar Rob and Jero plan to spend the next day being tourists. She kisses her finger, puts it to his lips and sashays out. “The more I know you the more I hate you Roberta,” he thought bubbles.
Unpleasant scene where Fina intercepts Matt at home so she can continue badmouthing Renata. He tells her to butt out or face the consequences.
Matt goes straight to dad’s den and tells him he thinks it’s best if he gets his own apartment. I think dad convinces him to stay a bit longer.
Renata puts teabags on her eyes, hey I do that too! Like Kristoise said in her Teresa recap, telenovela people are just like us. Oh sorry…Renata puts teabags on her eyes to soothe them and recalls when Matt and Fina had their first run-in and Matt stood up for her. Then she recalls when they were at the fountain. Then she recall Jero’s kiss. Oh good Lord fina comes crashing in and sez they need to talk. Yelling is more like it. The fight ends with Renata swearing she won’t let Fina insult her any more. Fina winds up for a slap then clenches her fist, then storms out of the room. Renata acts like she’s going to barf. Fina’s face makes me want to barf too.
Jero calls Augie back and agrees to meet him tomorow. Then he pulls out Renata’s bracelet and asks “where are you Adriana?”
Augie longingly recalls his meeting with Renata and whispers “what a great surprise to meet you Renata, and why so sad?”
Next day Augie offers Jero a good price for the estate, 10% over value I think. He assures Jero nobody else could have as much respect for the estate and Rafa’s dream as he. Jero sighs that he’ll think about it and get back to Aug after reviewing the settlement details.
Fina sees Roberta all gussied up and wonders what’s up. Rob says she’s going out with Jeronimo. Did she tell Fina about Jero? I don’t remember that. Anyway, Fina sez Rob should get busy setting her eyes on Matt, not some other guy. Rob sez for now she’s going to have fun with that bon-bon Jero, byeee.
Carlos (from Spain) calls Jero to warn him that he told Lorea about Rafa. Jero says the only thing that he wants to concentrate on is that Rafa’s death shall not go unpunished (no quede impune). He wants to get that damn Roberta because his brother is in the tomb instead of her.
Supposed to be sexy scene of Matt and Renata riding together on Borracho.
Jero makes his rendezvous with Roberta and lays a big fat kiss on her.
Mañana: Jero’s having lunch with Roberta when Renata happens to stroll by.



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