Thell Riddle, Zack King & Levi White: Identities of 3 law enforcement officers in viral video revealed

Thell Riddle, Zack King & Levi White
Thell Riddle, Zack King & Levi White

The Arkansas State Police has identified the 3 law enforcement officers who were suspended following the attack on a 27 year old suspect named Randall Worcester.

The 3 law enforcement officers are Thell Riddle, Zack King & Levi White.

About Thell Riddle

According to heavy.comThell Riddle has the most active social media accounts still visible.

His LinkedIn page says he was chief of police for the Gans Police Department for more than 12 years. He also worked as a sheriff’s deputy for the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department, as a police officer with the Kibler Police Department, and as a deputy for the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department. His law enforcement experience dates back to 2008. He graduated from Cedarville High School, according to LinkedIn.

The page is not updated, however; in 2017, the City of Mulberry welcomed Riddle as a police officer there.

One woman wrote on that comment thread that Riddle was “aweseome” in Gans. Gans is a community of about 300 people in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma.

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Here’s what we know about the incident

The viral video shows what appears to be the three law enforcement officers beating suspect Randall Worcester in a use-of-force incident that is under investigation by state police in that state.

Video shows Worcester on the ground, his body twisting in different directions, as an officer closest to his head pummels him with a right fist and then a left. At one point, the same official pulls the suspect’s head off the ground and pushes it down with force.

Another law enforcement official, the one closest to the man’s feet, appears to strike Worcester multiple times with a knee. The third officer appears to hold Worcester down, with the help of body weight, at his waist.

Toward the end of the video, a woman in the car shouts at the officers to stop, and one of the three responds by pointing toward the camera.

Another shouts for her to back up, using an expletive.

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