Ten Ways Men Can Actually Impress Women ;According To Women

couple cooking

couple cooking

Truthfully it’s no harder to impress a woman than it is to impress anyone else. And yet, men manage to mess this up so phenomenally that guides have been written on how they can best impress a lady to the point that she will agree to hang around them for a while.

Impressing a woman is no more difficult, really, than just being a decent person, but just in case men need a few more tips, a recent Ask Reddit thread asked real women to spill the tea on how to best impress them.1. “It’s amazing to have someone remember things you’ve told them and bring them up or act upon them.”

“Remembering things you say. It’s amazing to have someone remember things you’ve told them and bring them up or act upon them. Even something as simple as telling them you like painting, and a week later they tell you about a great art supply place you could check out. It shows that you’ve not only listened, but cared enough to think about something that I might like and made a note to tell me.”

2.”He wakes up with me and makes me coffee.”

“I wake up at 6:30 for work. Sometimes he works early, sometimes he doesn’t. No matter how little sleep we’ve gotten, or how freezing cold it is outside, he wakes up with me and makes me coffee. We sit together while I drink it and he goes back to bed when I leave for work.”

3. “He hugs me throughout the day.”

“My husband kisses my hand. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And he hugs me throughout the day. It’s the for-no-reason hugs. Passing by him while heading to the kitchen? Pit stop, hug. I also found out that he shared what he got me for Xmas, with a bunch of his female coworkers. He wanted to be reassured that I would like it. I found this to be very sweet. He doesn’t know that I know.”

4. “I hate getting into a cold bed. My husband gets in on my side and warms it up.”

“When it is really freezing, I hate getting into a cold bed. My husband gets in on my side and warms it up when I’m still in the bathroom. When I come to bed he rolls over to his side, which is cold while I climb into the toasty spot. Also, whenever we argue, he gives me a massage before we go to bed, even if we haven’t resolved the issue. We might be having an argument but he wants me to know he loves me in spite of our differences.”

5. “Cooking.”

“Cooking. And not the ‘I can survive without getting takeout’ kind of cooking I do for myself. A properly prepared meal with a paired menu, with with the right spices and seasonings so that the mains and sides all compliment each other. Bonus points if you can cook more than one of such menus.”

6. “Remembering small details from past conversations.”

“Remembering small details from past conversations and bringing them up or acting on them. It could be weeks later and my boyfriend will bring up something I mentioned in a normal, everyday conversation. It makes me realize how much he’s listening and truly cares, I’ve never been more appreciative and in love with anyone like I am with him.”

7. “He worries about me.”

“He cooks for me. And he’s amazing at it. Sometimes he let’s me choose and pick up groceries, sometimes I get an text while I’m at work telling me what’s for dinner. He’s protective of me. Seems to care a great deal about what happens to me and my well-being. He worries about me. When we hadn’t even dating all too long, I off handedly mentioned my mom had just had surgery. He seemed upset that I didn’t tell him my mom was going to have surgery. That’s when I realized he was actually quite into me, and this might not be the casual thing I thought it was.”

8. “Lifting weights.”

“Lifting weights. My husband had a personal trainer who also taught my aerobics class. One day the trainer told me how much my husband was lifting and I was so impressed. I didn’t even know till then that that was something that could impress me.”

9. “He told me he didn’t want to have sex with me the first time we were intimate because he genuinely liked me.”

“A few weeks ago, I was messing around with a guy and I asked what he wanted to do from there. He replied that he didn’t want to have sex, which baffled me a bit since he had seemed so into it up to that point. Upon seeing my (probably blatant) confusion, he told me he didn’t want to have sex with me the first time we were intimate because he genuinely liked me and did not want to devalue the sex. Which made me even more baffled because I didn’t think real … alive men actually thought like that. It was nice. Felt a little Nicolas Sparks-y. Felt respected in a way I never have before.”


10. “Knows how to order a coffee for me.”

“Pays attention to the little details. Knows how to order a coffee for me. Brings home take out that meets all my When-Harry-Met-Sally-bizarre ordering quirks and exceptions. Buys me a gift that I didn’t know I wanted yet because he’s seen me admiring it, or because he knows my tastes so well. Basically shows me that he notices me and cares about my preferences.”

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