Suzanne Whiston: Biography, age, husband, net worth, children

Suzanne Whiston
Suzanne Whiston

Until quite recently, women are not known to love sports, and it comes as an eyebrow raiser when you chance on a woman working actively in men’s sports. Yes, men’s sports. It’s even worth applauding to add that a woman has a good CV when it comes to her achievements in such a field.

One of such women is Suzanne Whiston. She has a reputation as one of Britain’s top female sports journalist working with media powerhouse BBC.

Let’s know Suzanne Whiston, shall we?


Suzanne whiston is a British female sports journalist and producer who was born in 1968.

Information about her date of birth, parents, school, siblings and other personal bits of her life remains in the dark where she wants it to be.

However, what we know is that she kick started her journey in the media when in the mid 90’s, she joined Key 103, a Manchester based radio station as a producer in the sports division. 

Her hard work and dedication for her job got her many offers from media houses in England.

The juiciest offer she couldn’t refuse came from the BBC.

She joined them and continued to be consistent in her line of work, producing the sports show “Match of the Day”.

She became an instant big name when in 2004 and 2006, she covered the English FA cup and the world cup in Germany respectively for BBC. 


Suzanne was born in 1968, making her 54 years of age as of 2022.


Suzanne Whiston
Suzanne Whiston

A part of Suzanne’s life that gets people talking too is the man in her life, Karl Pikington.

The two have been known to be engaged for approximately 25 years.

Karl is an English presenter, actor, comedian and producer born on September 23rd, 1972.

He attended Ashton-on-Mersey secondary school and upon completion, moved to England to kick start his career.

He shot to prominence while working on Richie Gervai and Stephen Merchant’s radio program on XFM.

He also featured in tv series’ “Derek” and “The Moaning of Life”. 

He is known to be diligent in his line of work and is estimated to be worth around 3.5 million pounds.

There is a rather funny story as to how he met his partner, Suzanne Whiston.

According to known reports, Karl was at a vending machine for a hot chocolate.

Suzanne showed up and inserted 20p in the vending machine for Karl to get his hot chocolate and in turn, asked Karl to do an editing for her. That sparked their dating journey.

Net worth

A woman with her many years of experience in sports journalism is definitely someone who smiles to the bank.

She is estimated to be worth about 1.5 million dollars.


It’s been said that Karl is resistant on family- marriage and children.

As such, Suzanne has no kids and has been engaged to Karl for their 25 years of dating without marriage.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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