At My Age I Can Teach Anyone How to Repair Motorcycles: 9-Year-Old Ghanaian Girl who is a Mechanic Says

Susanna Adjakie-Apekor
Susanna Adjakie-Apekor

Despite being only 9 years old, a school girl Susanna Adjakie-Apekor has a fixed crankshaft, back break, change the chain, and sprocket in motorcycles.

The young girl is not stopping there but desires to fix bigger automobiles like cars, boats as well as airplanes in the future.

How she became a mechanic

Susanna told BBC News Pidgin that she took interest in motorcycles at the young age of 3, thanks to her father Amudu.

It happened that her father had visited her and her mum, he complained about always being busy and would later explain that his mechanic work took most of his time.

The young girl then decided she’d like to go stay with her dad to learn his mechanic work, an idea her mother consented to and approved.

At present, Susanna bragged that she can take anyone through repairing motorcycles at her age effortlessly.

When she started learning, her father had initially nursed fears that the girl may not pick up fast but Susanna proved him wrong.

She wants to own her own shop in the future

Susanna however admitted that her learning hasn’t been perfected as she still had to master the electrical aspect of fixing motorcycles.

Speaking on how her daily routine goes, the girl who is class 3 said she is a day student and would go to the mechanic workshop after the close of school.

Susanna added that she someday wants to build her own shop.

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