Susan Lorincz: What we know about the suspect in Ajike Owens murder

Susan Lorincz: What we know about the suspect in Ajike Owens murder
Susan Lorincz: What we know about the suspect in Ajike Owens murder

The tragic murder of Ajike Owens has shocked the community of Ocala, a city in central Florida.

The family of Ajike Owens, a mother of four, identified Susan Lorincz, a white woman, as the shooter.

Here is what we know about the suspect, Susan Lorincz and the events surrounding the murder of Ajike Owens.

Who is Susan Lorincz?

The suspect in Ajike Owens murder is Susan Lorincz.

Susan Lawrick is a 58-year-old American woman and resident of Ocala.

Not much is known about her yet, however, investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working diligently to gather more information.

We will update you once we what enough information about Susan.

Susan Lorincz
Susan Lorincz

What happened

According to a press release from the office of attorney and civil rights advocate Ben Crump, who is representing Owens’ family, Owens’ children were playing in a field next to an apartment complex in Ocala, Florida when Lorincz reportedly yelled at them to get off her property and called them racial slurs.

The children left the premises but accidentally left behind an iPad, which the woman took.

When the kids went back to the woman’s home to retrieve the iPad, she threw it, hitting one of the children and cracking the screen.

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When the children went back home and told their mom what happened, she and at least two of her children, including her 9-year-old son—who had been hit by the iPad—walked across the street so that she could speak with the woman.

After Owens knocked on the front door, Lorincz responded by shooting through the door, striking Owens, who later died from her injuries.

Three days after the fatal shooting, Lorincz—a suspected white supremacist—has yet to be charged or arrested and her identity has not been publicly disclosed by law enforcement officials.

In fact, some social media reports state that the woman has since received a police escort to go to her home and retrieve belongings, while a makeshift memorial near where the fatal shooting occurred has been disassembled so as not to “draw attention” to the area.

During a news conference Monday (Jun 5), Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods didn’t confirm or reject Crump’s story, telling reporters he wasn’t “going to stand here and tell you what they’re putting out there is inaccurate. It’s just I don’t know yet.”

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