Superwomen only exist in Hollywood movies – Gifty Anti

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The Chief Executive Officer of GDA Concept and host of the Standpoint television show, Gifty Anti has urged women to learn to ask for help when they find themselves facing insurmountable challenges.

Challenging the notion of ‘a superwoman’, Gifty Anti speaking on Tuesday at a conference organised by the Israeli Embassy to empower women socially and economically, said expecting women to be able to solve all problems was unrealistic.

In sociology, a superwoman (also sometimes called supermom) is a Western woman who works hard to manage multiple roles of a worker, a homemaker, a volunteer, a student, or other such time-intensive occupations.

The notion of “superwoman” differs from that of “career woman” in that the latter one commonly includes the sacrifice of the family life in favour of career, while a superwoman strives to excel in both.

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She stated: “Learn to ask for help, learn to ask for help, you can’t do it all.

Everybody maybe saying oh Gifty you are doing well, oh Gifty you are doing good, oh Gifty this but sometimes you know you cannot do it, so refer the person to Mawusi, refer the person to Pearl, refer the person to Honourable Freda Prempeh or to Dana.

“Don’t be a superwoman, superwomen exist only in Hollywood movies, we are human beings, we have our shortfalls, we have our shortcomings, we fail sometimes, we make mistakes but what makes us who we are as women, as strong women as empowered women is that we pick ourselves up again and keep moving. We do not give up”.

Sharing her experiences with over 30 young women, Gifty Anti also disclosed that during her 21-year career as a journalist people have said negative things about her but she was not deterred because she was focused on being successful.

Gifty is married to Nana Ansah Kwao and they have a daughter together.

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