Stop the cheap talk and do better music – Ex-Doe to Edem

Stop the cheap talk and do better music – Ex-Doe to Edem

Ghanaian rapper, Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi, known in showbiz as Ex Doe has said his fellow rapper Edem should produce the right songs, and not songs people are fed up with.

This comes after the “U Dey Craze” hit maker, Edem said he has been marginalized because he is a Voltarian.

In a conversation with Godfrey Ainoo on the Orange Countdown on Radio Maxx 105.1FM in Takoradi, Ex Doe explained that music is a universal language; therefore should not be an excuse if one fails to flourish beyond borders.

“Music is a universal thing, that’s why we can enjoy songs we don’t even understand the language, but we still enjoy them. We enjoy Indian songs, we enjoy Chinese songs. You see, the language is not the problem. The thing is, do the right songs; don’t do songs people are fed up with”.

According to the “Twi Chinese” crooner, for Edem to be fully accepted, he must be creative enough, so people can follow his trend, because if he follows what is already in the system he will remain static in the industry.

“What is there is there. Why are you following it boss? I did Twi Chinese. People didn’t understand it, but they enjoyed it, because it was unique and different”. Ex Doe challenged.

Ex Doe further claimed he did the first Ewe song in Ghana and he was accepted by everyone in the country.

The “M’aba” hit maker therefore urged Ghanaian rappers to work extra hard because the music industry has become very competitive.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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