Stacy Amewoyi Set to Unveil 5 Books This June

Stacy Amewoyi
Stacy Amewoyi

African most notable humanitarian, entrepreneur, and award-winning author situated in America, Stacy Amewoyi is fully on the vend to launch her next outstanding novels in 5 books, exclusively stirred by the mysteries of life and relationship issues.

The book from the encampment of TKC Publishing House set to officially go public this month end of June (few weeks) counts from;

  • Silence of Love
  • How Could I Have Known
  • Victim of Circumstance
  • Love Mystery Born
  • Science of Love


The Silence of Love shines countless spotlights on the untold hazards engulfed in holy union and how it could be fixed. The book as written by the author outlines measures one can apply to sustain & sharpen a relationship/marriage for life.

“How Could I Have Known” reads an entire reflection of the skirmishes of life from all sort of human prospects.

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Victim of Circumstance will leave a deep mark on your heart and mind as it voices out how circumstances get embedded in our daily lifestyle, yet there’s always a key element that turns out to be a blind spot whilst all our attentions are been shifted elsewhere amidst the challenges.

The Science of Love takes us to the laboratory of love as most chapters of the book are dedicated to all love bird on this planet.

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Love Mystery Born reminds us how love always has a whole lot to offer and the shocking lessons that come with it. Reading these books and chapters to the end shall transform your relationship life to another level of understanding.

All the 5 books as listed above and fabulously written by the African best-selling author, author of the year award holder and the 3G Award recipient shall be released at once on the same and same time.

Information on the book release can be found via all social media platforms of the author as stated below.

Follow Stacy Amewoyi via all social media Platforms for daily updated on where to grab a copy of the book in Ghana, USA, and a near buy store in your country of residence.

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