South African lady shares photos to prove she is sexier than the sex doll

After the photos of a new sex doll which will be sold for over N800k went viral, a South African blogger Nandy Mlomo took to her Twitter page to share sexy photos to prove that she is sexier.


However, she received backlash from twitter users, as they berated her for comparing herself to a sex doll.

See their reactions below;

Molemi wrote; “Dolls dont give us Ls..she ignored my tweet”

Sir Paul Wrote: “Well we wouldn’t be buying expensive hair every month”

Uncle Ojo Wrote: “No thanks, that body and wig will still need some maintenance, and will not have sex if it’s needs are not met. With Doll baby, there won’t be all that!”

Cashflow wrote; “I can pay to get same version of you as a sex doll!??? i guess the brazilian hair we won’t be buying anymore is really getting to ya’all!”



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