Some Religious Leaders In This Country Are Hypocrites – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Some Religious Leaders In This Country Are Hypocrites - Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Controversial legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw has fired shots at some section of religious leaders, especially pastors by calling them hypocrites.

His statement comes on the basis that some of these pastors indulge in sexual misconducts with church members and young women and yet condemn these immoralities.

In a phone interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Monday, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw responded to the issue of sex tourism and how it can be accepted morally in Ghana.

The lawyer stated that there will be issues with moral acceptance, admitting that the culture in Ghana frowns on the act, but notable figures and religious leaders are being hypocritical if they don’t accept it. “We have some of the religious leaders who are hypocrites. Look at what the ministers and men of God are doing to our daughters and wives. If you take 10 pastors, you will get 2 who are making love to church members and children. I know what I am talking about. And these are the same people who will come and say someone is promoting sex”.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has been calling on the government to critically consider sex tourism in the Ghana with the belief that it will promote tourism in the country.

As monitored by, the lawyer in the phone interview said there are a lot of young girls who are sleeping around with men and abusing sex rights in the country. He said promiscuous sex is already going on this country and if it can be monetized, then government should consider it. “I am looking at the sexual impunity going on this country. In fact, the rate at which we are abusing the sexual rights of women and committing sexual offenses in this country. Name it!”. He added that there are a lot of prostitution bases in the country which are notable places in this country. “We have notable prostitution basis in this country. A lot of our young ladies have dropped out of school to indulge in this business. It has become an industry whether we like it or not”.


He called on stakeholders to meet and agree on the way forward and advised the need to put age restrictions on the act. “Why don’t we sit down as a nation and regulate this industry? We come out with policies, bring the stakeholders like the Ministry of tourism, Ministry of gender and the Ministry for business development and lets bring out the business aspect of sex tourism. Age matters. We can’t expose our young girls to this. So people under the ages of 16 should not engage in this. In fact, if you’ve not completed SHS don’t engage in this.”

The lawyer defined sex tourism as an industry that promotes sexual sites and not necessarily the act of sex and called for a proper screening of ladies before being allowed to indulge in sex tourism. “sex tourism is using sex sites to attract people into the country. It’s not just about having sex. I have friends who don’t want to have sex. They just want to enjoy sex scenes”.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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