Single’s Inferno Cast & Contestants: Meet Them on Instagram

Singles Inferno
Singles Inferno

Netflix’s new Korean reality show, Singles Inferno, is a new Korean television program that has nine contestants, all of whom are single and from Korea. 

The Singles Inferno platform allows singles to search for their loved ones on a deserted island with the goal of solving the mystery of finding their partner to escape the island.

The first episode of Netflix’s new Korean reality show, Single’s Inferno, aired on 18th December 2021. 

Shortly after the first episode was made available to the public, the show captured everyone’s attention. 

The show is sure to be a success due to its four hosts and nine participants; out of many reality shows, this particular Netflix production presents something that is unique and different. 

The following is a list of information about the Singles Inferno contestants: from their ages to their Instagram accounts.

Single’s Inferno: Cast and Contestants

Here are some highlights from these castmates’ personal lives and careers.

Song Ji-a

 Known for her besotted smile and exceptional looks, Song Ji-a is one of the beautiful participants of Single’s Inferno. 

She studied traditional Korean dance at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, where she earned her bachelor of arts degree.

She currently runs a YouTube channel where she creates beauty content. 

She has over 633k subscribers on YouTube.

In addition to being active on her Youtube channel, she is also active on Instagram. 

She has a verified Instagram account and has exactly 577k followers, which makes her a social network influencer as well.

Kang So-Yeon

Kang So-Yeon is a fitness freak who enjoys everything from boxing to tennis. 

Currently, she is the CEO of GoodRound, and she is the Co-Owner and CEO of HitFit Boxing.

While her boxing career might scare some people, she does have a soft spot. 

Her YouTube channel is mainly dedicated to spreading positivity, as she is bursting with positivity and making the best of the platform.

Kim Hyeon-Joong

Kim Hyeon-Joong will surely catch the attention of everyone in Single’s Inferno because he has a dimple on his cheeks. 

As a personal trainer and model, Kim has many years of experience working in the fitness industry. 

Besides the well-maintained body he has, he also has a cute dimple that makes him even more adorable.

Kim has achieved great success in his modeling career. 

At the Mister World Competition that took place in New Delhi, India, Kim finished first runner-up.

Being the first runner-up acted as a positive catalyst and brought him immense fame.

 Are you excited to see what the model has to offer to the show?

Oh Jin-Taek

Oh Jin-Taek, one of the participants in Single’s Inferno, is a Business Management graduate.

He has a business degree, so it is only natural that he would start his own business.

Taek has started his own brand of British-style tailored suits called Ascottage.

In the year 2019, Jin developed this suit brand and has since earned his livelihood through this business.

His previous experience was as a marketing handler in the fashion industry.

Moon Se-Hoon

Moon Se-Hoon describes himself as someone who loves household chores and has already hexed almost all the girls in Single’s Inferno.

He even said, “I think many girls find that charming.” We do not know if Moon actually is into household chores or just said it randomly to impress the women on the show.

Regarding Moon’s private life, almost everything is hidden from the public; however, Moon has revealed that if he liked a girl, he would go to any extent to make that happen.

Shin Ji-Yeon

“I like people who can influence me in positive ways,” as said by Shin Ji-Yeon in the introduction of Single’s Inferno, it seems that she is someone who prefers personality over everything.

Therefore, her approach to any guy is straightforward as she will literally get turned off by guys who are not her type but if it’s someone who she prefers then she won’t hesitate in confronting them.

Shin uses Instagram, and her participation in the reality show, Singles Inferno, created a different life: a life filled with fame and fans.

Kim Jun-Sik

The most lowkey participant of Single’s Inferno, Kim Jun-Sik seems to keep his private life away from the public. Therefore, not much has been known about him.

Subsequently, looking at his Instagram account, it can be deduced that Kim is involved in the honey business for now. Moreover, he has even made a new business account for honey-selling.

Scrutinizing his other posts, we can say that Kim is fascinated by gym and body workouts. Therefore, Kim has one of the well-maintained bodies.


An Yea-Won

People prefer guys with nice bodies or personalities, but An Yea-Won has something different to say about guys. In Single’s Inferno, she revealed that she generally likes guys who have nice teeth.

This was one of the rare tastes, but we really need to see if An Yea will find someone in the show with nice teeth.

Due to her confidentiality in her life, not much has been known about her career, conversely, her Instagram account suggests that An Yea-Won could probably be a model.

Choi Si-Hun

Appearing on Single’s Inferno, the South Korean actor and model, Choi Si-Hun has added more fame to his career. Moreover, he is one of the members of TRIPLEME (a six guys group under Polaris Entertainment).

From his Instagram account, it can be claimed that Choi is currently involved in the business of head wears.

Apart from this, nothing is known about his life. In Single’s Inferno, Choi exposed that he is into girls who are pure and innocent. Now, we have to see which particular girl will be his ideal type.

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