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Shacoria Elly: How an argument over espresso shots resulted in a brawl & employee’s termination

Shacoria Elly
Shacoria Elly

Shacoria Elly, a former barista at an Atlanta airport coffee shop was fired after a physical altercation with colleagues unfolded in front of shocked passengers and was captured on camera.

The incident, which took place on Saturday morning at Harvest & Grounds near Terminal D of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, was filmed and quickly gained traction on social media.

The argument and the brawl

The video shows Shacoria Elly struggling with two men who appear to also be managers at the store.

According to reports, Shacoria’s dispute was not initially with either of those managers but with another employee.

The report describes the two women getting into a “heated argument over espresso shots.”

The managers then “had to step in and hold back” one employee from attacking the other.

The report describes several events seen in the video, including when the employee who was terminated “grabbed a chair and attempted to throw it.”

The video shows that moment, with a manager taking hold of the chair before she was able to throw it.

The video additionally shows the employee being thrown to the ground by one manager at one point, which is not mentioned in the report, and her hitting both managers at different points, also not mentioned in the report.

The video showed Shacoria Elly walking away toward the end before suddenly reversing course and hopping over the counter toward the other employee, with the managers again stepping in to pull her from behind the counter. The video shows her then walking out of the shop for good.

According to the police report, the employee was terminated and had her security ID confiscated on the scene, but she was gone by the time police arrived.

“All parties were issued a case number and a time frame in which they can obtain a copy of this report; nothing further to report at this time,” the report concludes.

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