Semaj Prather: Meet the 2 year old viral sensation

Semaj Prather
Semaj Prather Photo credit: azhaprat/instagram

A toddler identified as Semaj Prather has captured the attention of internet users around the world.

On 14 November 2022, TikTok users had a field day in the comment section as they showered the Semaj Prather with admiration.

Semaj Prather’s mother, Azha Prather, featured their 2-year-old in a video where the adorable little boy explains that he works two jobs, and his hilarious statements regarding his contribution to the workforce have viewers in stitches.

The viral Tiktok video opens with a photo of the adorable toddler facing his mother, who is behind the camera. “She said you must be off work today,” Prather told Semaj, of a TikToker’s comment on an earlier video, in which the toddler pretended to be a Five Below store employee. .

“Yeah. I had to go to my other job today,” Semaj replies smiling.

Amused, Prather asks him what his second job is.

“Uhhhh,” Semaj mused, glancing mischievously at the camera before replying, “Chris’ house.”

“Who are they?” Prather asks. “Chris, the guy who works with me,” Semaj replies. “You work at Five Below and [where] another?” Prather inquires, prompting Semaj to declare, “Chuck E. Cheese,” enthusiastically.

” Much better. I love [it] there the most,” says Semaj, noting his preference for Chuck E. Cheese on Five Below.

Prather asks her toddler when he should be at work and is surprised to learn that his shift at Chuck E. Cheese starts in three minutes.

@awoodbp Replying to @uniquecreole ♬ Man other job – AzhaPrather

As of Tuesday, 31st January 2023, the boy’s video has raked in as much as 7.6 million views and 1million likes.

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Since the short but hilarious clip went viral, Semaj Prather and his parents have continued to share comic videos about their day to day life.

@awoodbp we fr never know what he’s going to say. his daddy asked could he borrow $2 until tomorrow. Maj: Just wait til tomorrow then🤣😂 #fyp #Maj they stay at it😂 #foryou ♬ Wait until tamarra then MAJ – AzhaPrather

@awoodbp Maj have a story to tell everyyyyyyday. 🤣 now its his sinuses acting up, HE TELLING THE TRUTH THO🤣 BUT he dont need to go to the doctor.🤣 #iaintsick #sinusesdraining #Maj #fyp @thepreciseone ♬ original sound – AzhaPrather

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What is the meaning of the name Semaj?

The name Semaj is primarily a gender-neutral name of American origin that means James Backwards.

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