SAPS 2022: Requirements and application process for police officers in South Africa

SAPS 2022
SAPS 2022

Another year, another SAPS recruitment!!! The South African Police Service (SAPS 2022) is always in need of capable individuals who want to join the police.

Every year there are a number of opportunities that help identify the best men and women who will serve in the South African Police Service (SAPS).

This article is going to cover everything you need to know about the SAPS recruitment for 2022/2023

Are the SAPS 2022 forms out?

The SAPS Application Forms have generated a lot of confusion, and this is because the South African Police Service has different categories of traineeship program applications.

Currently, the main police recruitment form, the SAPS preliminary trainee application form 2022/2023 is available and the deadline is 2022/03/11.

You can download the form here – [Download]

Apply for SAPS police training 

In order to apply for the South African police training program, you will need the application form.

The forms are available online.

SAPS training application forms including Durban Metro police forms can be downloaded.

After enlisting in the South African Police Service, police recruits will undergo a Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP).

After recruitment, the South African Police Service enters into an agreement with the recruit for a contract lasting 24 months.

Recruits become trainees at this point, which means that they are required to take the Basic Police Development Learning Programme.

SAPS 2022/2023 recruitment processSAPS Volunteer and Reservist Application Forms

It is necessary to understand how the recruitment process works so one can maximize recruitment potential. 

Below are the details. 

  • The Induction phase
  •  The basic training phase. 
  • The probation phase. 

Following a recruit’s successful completion of the induction and basic training phases, he or she is appointed to the service as a probationary officer for a period of one year.

The 24-month training program is split into 3 phases according to its 3-fold structure where trainees spend 12 months in the academy and another 12 months at their workplace:

  • First phase

The academy will be in session for 10 months. This phase consists of acquiring all the essential skills and knowledge and is called the foundation phase.

The process involves both the application of practical skills and the acquisition of knowledge.

  • Second phase

The program is designed to expose trainees to the workplace upon arrival at the station.

It lasts 12 months.

  • Third phase

This is the final phase of training at the academy.

You will spend the next two months on integrated assessments.

Once a trainee has completed all the training required to qualify as a competently ready officer, he or she is released into the service to start as a constable.

The SAPS Act, 1995 specifies that anyone applying for the appointment is required to comply with these conditions.

  • In the official police application form, you must affirm, either under oath or through another method of solemn declaration, that you will provide only true and accurate information to the police department.
  • Possess permanent residency in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and be able to provide evidence of it.
  • A person should not be younger than 18 years old or older than 30 years old. Supporting documentation will be required, as well.
  • Prepare to undergo both a medical and physical examination as directed by the SAPS. Applicants must be determined physically and mentally fit for the position they are applying for.
  • Ensure you are prepared to undergo a psychological assessment given by the SAPS’s National Commissioner.
  • You should possess a Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or its equivalent qualification, both of which should be supported by documents.
  • Have fluency in English and another official language.
  • You should be prepared to take the oath of office.
  • Make sure you are ready for all the training sessions required by the SAPS National Commissioner.
  • You must not have any visible tattoos that contradict SAPS objectives.
  • Your application should be free of criminal convictions.
  • Get your fingerprints taken.
  • You will have your background checked, so be prepared
  • Be prepared to serve anywhere in South Africa.

These are the only SAPS academies that provide the training courses: 

  • SAPS Academy All Saints situated in Eastern Cape 
  • SAPS Academy Bhisho in Eastern Cape 
  • SAPS Academy Ulundi located in KwaZulu-Natal 
  • SAPS Academy Graaff-Reinet in Eastern Cape SAPS Academy Mthatha found in Eastern Cape 
  • SAPS Academy Chatsworth in KwaZulu Natal 
  • SAPS Academy Oudtshoorn found in Western Cape 
  • SAPS Academy Tshwane in Gauteng 
  • SAPS Academy Philippi located in Western Cape 
  • SAPS Academy Bishop Lavis in Western Cape
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