Sandra Buchanan: Bio, age, career, husband, children & other facts about Vern Buchanan Wife

Sandra Buchanan, Vern Buchanan Wife

Congressman Vern Buchanan comes in the news more often due to his role in society. We can’t say the same for his wife, Sandra Buchanan.

In this article, we get to know Sandra Buchman, wife of American politician Vern Buchanan. Let’s know her age, children and other facts about her.

Who is Sandra Buchanan?

Sandra Buchanan, popularly known as Sandy Buchanan is the wife of American politician and businessman, Vern Buchanan.

Her date of birth, place of birth and information about her family is not yet known. However, we do know she is an American by nationality.

Sandra attended Cleary College where she met her husband Venn Buchanan. 

How old is Sandra Buchanan?

As stated earlier, her age of birth is not yet known, but from the look of things, we can estimate her age around 68 or 69 years, a little younger than that of her husband.


Very little is known about the career of Sandy Buchanan. What we do know is that she is serving on the Board of Trustees for Tidewell Hospice, the Board of Trustees of the Florida House in Washington, D.C., and the Advisory Council at Mote Marine.

Sandy is also a philanthropist at heart and serves as President of the Buchanan Family Foundation that donates and supports many local charities as well as orphanages in and outside of the United States.

Who is Sandra Buchanan married to?

Sandra Buchanan, Vern Buchanan Wife
Sandra Buchanan and Vern Buchanan have been married for over 40 years, after they met in College and fell in love.

Sandra Buchanan is married to American Congressman and businessman Vern Buchanan.

The couple have been married for over 40 years, after they met in College and fell in love.

Vern was born on 8th May, 1951 and grew up in Michigan, a small town outside Detroit. He has six other siblings. He attended Cleary College and University of Detroit.

He got into business with his wife, Sandy where they started a printing business and later went into retail of automobile for more than 15 years. He went into politics in 2007 and does not do active business again.

He is currently the U.S Representative for the Florida’s 16th Congressional district. 

How children do Sandra Buchanan have?

Sandra has two grown sons; James and Matthew. 

Other facts about Vern Buchanan’s wife

Sandy Buchanan frequently travels with her husband to Washington D.C where she participates in activities of prayer groups and helps her husband an official duties.

Sandy is a philanthropist at heart, and serves as President of the Buchanan Family Foundation.

She is a grandmother and has said that she loves spending time with her granddaughter.

Her hobbies are exercising, hiking, travelling, fishing and reading.

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