Who was Saint Von Colucci? Age, career & other facts

Saint Von Colucci
Saint Von Colucci

Saint Von Colucci ( born 2001 – aged 22 ) was Canadian-Portuguese actor has died after spending $220,000 on 12 plastic surgeries so he could play BTS’s KPOP star Jimin for a US streaming network.

Saint Von Colucci was also a singer and songwriter who was signed on to City Boys Money.

Saint Von Colucci was born in the province of Quebec, Canada, and moved to South Korea nearly two years ago and to become a trainee, while also writing and producing songs under different pseudonyms for other artists in KPOP.

He started working in the entertainment industry as early as 2015, making his debut as an actor and commercial model in Canada.

Due to his parents` jobs, he ended up living in many different countries, such as Brazil, Portugal, Spain, England, resulting in him becoming fluent in five languages, those being English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Korean.

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Saint Von Colucci

What happened to Saint Von Colucci

Saint Von Colucci passed away early this Sunday at Seoul’s National Hospital due to complications from his previous plastic surgeries in the country.

The actor underwent twelve plastic surgeries within the last few months in order to play a KPOP idol character in an upcoming Korean drama.

The character was supposed to look similar to Korean singer Jimin, from the Korean group BTS.

The actor has always been insecure about his overall looks in Korea and felt very discriminated against his Western traits.

The actor spent over U$D200k on various surgeries to change his looks to appear more Asian.

He underwent jaw surgery, eye lift, buccal fat removal, lip reduction, a facelift, and others.

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