Rudolph Isley wife, Elaine Jasper: Married life, children & other facts

Rudolph Isley wife, Elaine Jasper
Rudolph Isley wife, Elaine Jasper

Rudolph Isley, the eldest and founding member of the legendary R&B group The Isley Brothers, was married to Elaine Jasper for over 60 years.

They were married in 1958, before the group achieved fame, and remained devoted to each other until Rudolph’s passing in 2023.

Rudolph Isley and Elaine Jasper’s Marriage

Rudolph and Elaine met in high school and began dating shortly after.

They married in 1985 at a young age, but their love for each other stood the test of time.

Isley and his family settled at a house he bought in Teaneck, New Jersey, where they lived for ten years.

Elaine was a supportive and loving wife, and she played a key role in Rudolph’s career.

She was often seen by his side at concerts and events, and she was always there to offer encouragement and support.

Rudolph Isley and Elaine Jasper children and life together

During their marriage, they welcomed four children.

They raised their family in a quiet town in New Jersey, and they worked hard to provide their children with a good life.

Rudolph was a devoted father, and he loved spending time with his family.

Though having had health issues following his exit from the Isleys, his wife Elaine has stated that his health “is good and he is watching what he eats.”

He was also a very private person, and he cherished his time away from the spotlight.

Rudolph and Elaine’s marriage was not without its challenges. Rudolph struggled with addiction for many years, and he also faced legal troubles. However, Elaine remained by his side through it all.

She was a source of strength and support for Rudolph, and she helped him to overcome his struggles.

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