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Roberta Lehrman: What we know about the Brooklyn woman lost her life after while crossing a street in Manhattan

Roberta Lehrman
Roberta Lehrman

Roberta Lehrman, a beloved retired high school teacher from Brooklyn, lost her life while crossing a street in Manhattan.

Known for her vibrant personality, independent spirit, and passion for travel and gardening, Lehrman’s untimely death left friends, neighbors, and former colleagues devastated.

As we delve into the details surrounding this tragic accident, it becomes apparent that Lehrman’s impact as an educator and her zest for life will forever be remembered.

The Accident at Broadway and E. 13th St. in Union Square

On a fateful afternoon in Union Square, at the bustling intersection of Broadway and E. 13th St., tragedy struck as Lehrman attempted to hurriedly cross the street.

Around 1 p.m., as a Staten Island-bound MTA express bus progressed forward after a red light, Lehrman was struck by the vehicle.

Eyewitnesses reported that she was tragically caught between the rear wheels of the bus, resulting in her immediate demise.

The bus driver, who remained at the scene, faced no criminal charges.

A Passionate Educator’s Life and Legacy

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Roberta Lehrman dedicated her professional life to teaching, imparting valuable knowledge and instilling a love for learning in countless students.

Her teaching career spanned John Jay High School and Brooklyn Technical High School, where she went beyond the standard curriculum to emphasize reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Moreover, Roberta Lehrman maintained open lines of communication with parents, recognizing the significance of consistent engagement in a student’s educational journey.

On her LinkedIn page, she proudly expressed her commitment to fostering learning skills over mere test preparation.

A Vibrant Spirit and a Love for Adventure

To those fortunate enough to know her, Roberta Lehrman was a force of nature.

Mary Demorest, a friend who had the pleasure of meeting Lehrman during a vacation in Costa Rica, vividly remembers her boundless energy, infectious laughter, and zest for life.

Despite her age, Lehrman possessed an indomitable spirit that belied her years.

Friends and acquaintances were captivated by her independence and free-spirited nature, as she fearlessly embarked on solo travels to explore the world.

Her love for gardening and her fondness for New York City were constants in her life.

A Cherished Friend Lost

Mary Demorest, deeply saddened by Lehrman’s tragic passing, recalls the cherished memories they shared during their 18-month friendship.

Despite the relatively short duration of their bond, Demorest found Lehrman to be a fascinating and lively individual.

Lehrman’s wit, authenticity, and the unapologetic way in which she expressed herself left an indelible mark on those around her.

Demorest vividly remembers the joyous moments when Lehrman’s infectious laughter filled the room, bringing smiles to everyone present.

The loss of Lehrman has left a void in Demorest’s life and serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of human existence.

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